Two out of Three Recommendations ain’t awful


Ian Bateson's full colour, wraparound cover for The War of the Apocalyptics, 2009

Ian Bateson’s full colour, wraparound cover for The War of the Apocalyptics, 2009

This review-recommendation written by Ronald Hore re “The War of the Apocalyptics”:

“The main difficulties I found were that … the story appears to take for granted some knowledge of what has gone on before. There are an almost bewildering number of characters who pop into the story without any background and constant references to past occurrences. There are also several named events or words used that form part of the narrative but do not immediately bring to mind what is being talked about. Much of the tale is told in the form of streams of dialogue between the characters. It might have helped somewhat to have a detailed character reference bio provided at the end along with a glossary of the more uncommon words and phrases.”

Might I humbly recommend use of the Phantacea-peculiar Search Engine atop either the Phantacea Publications webpage or pH-Webworld as a backup plan to even more pages in a novel? There are also lynx to Phantacea-peculiar Glossary items here.


This review-recommendation written by Ronald Hore re “The Damnation Brigade” graphic novel:

Covers for Phantacea Revisited 1: The Damnation Brigade

Graphic novel compiles the complete Damnation Brigade story sequence from pH 1-5 as well as pHz1 #s 1 & 2; for more on the Phantacea comics hit here:

    “The artwork is generally quite good. The problem lies with the details of the story being told.

     “The arc of the story covers the battle between various superhumans (supras or supranormals) known as the Damnation Brigade and devils described on the back cover as “originally extraterrestrial Shining Ones.” 

     “Perhaps because this graphic novel is a collection of comic book sequences from previously published works, the material we have here appears to be lacking in continuity and detail. It is very difficult to follow. The author obviously knows his story and the universe where it is set, in great depth, but the reader is faced with a number of characters and situations where the background appears to be lacking. This makes for a very slow read as you must pause to try and figure out what is going on and how it connects to what was read previously.”

And this is a recommendation? Yep.


Front and Back Covers for "Nuclear Dragons"; artwork by Ian Bateson, 1980/2013; text by Jim McPherson

Front and Back Covers for “Nuclear Dragons”; artwork by Ian Bateson, 1980/2013; text by Jim McPherson

As for what he has to say about “Nuclear Dragons“, that’s here.

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Cryoseism — Catastrophe comes to Temporis

Here’s a sequence from “The War of the Apocalyptics”. It’s also quoted here.

Cover for E-Versions of "The War of the Apocalyptics", artwork by Ian Bateson

E-Pox now available on the Kindle platform

Just to set the scene, Old Man Power  (before he realizes he’s actually Kronokronos Akbarartha) has unwittingly sent Nakba Ramazar to Subcranial Temporis in the north of Sedon’s Head. (For future reference, the map’s here whereas an entry for Temporis is here.)

Aka Catastrophe, the Headless Apocalyptic of Sudden Destruction, he’s now trying to convince Akbar’s devic half-father, Dand Tariqartha, to let him remain in the latter’s protectorate until Devauray (Saturday) night. Being an Apocalyptic, not to mention headless, and hence rather simpleminded, he’s offering to destroy some of the Thousand Caverns if the Dand doesn’t let him stay.

‘… we’ve copious quanti­ties of capital calamities to other-offer you.” Ramazar pulled a flip pad out of the breast pocket of his highwayman-style over­coat. He also pulled out a pair of spectacles. After a second’s hesita­tion he returned the glasses to his pocket.

“Don’t know why I keep those things around.” he mumbled, flip­­ping open the notebook. “Haven’t got a nose to perch them on nor the eyes to see through, have I?”

“So it would appear, yet you speak and have no mouth. How do manage that?”

“Promise not tell anyone, Dand the Dandy Deadbeat Dad, and I’ll let you in on our scintilla of a secret.”

“Upon my inviolable oath as a highborn son of Lazareme, migh­tiest of the Great Gods.”

“Two-be-headed Vultyrie’s a ventriloquist.”

“And here I thought she was just a mindless schlemiel.”

“That too. Now, where was I? Oh yes, disasters. Where else would I be? Haven’t done any limnic eruptions for a coon’s age – or a hundred and thirty years, whichever’s greater – but I don’t see any deep cool lakes saturated with carbon dioxide in the immediate vicinity. I do see wood­lands, though, and a shell I was sharing recently read that fire­storms are very popular in California these days. Know where California is?”

“As a matter of fact I’ve filled a number of caverns with Califor­nia seemings down through the ages. Hollywood, mid to late 59-teens is my favourite.”

And  so it goes. The up-shoot of these howsoever nonsensical formalities (for devils) is that Tariqartha permits Ramazar to stay until Saturday night. The non-fantasy aspect of why Ramazar never got around listing cryoseism as an optional disaster is mostly because the writer had never heard of frost quakes before today.

‘Frost quakes’ wake Toronto residents on cold night

Weather phenomenon caused by ice expanding in the ground

(CBC Online: Jan 03, 2014 7:02 AM ET)

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McPhersonal Appearance — Vancouver Comicon Sunday 8 Sept 13

Jim McPherson, creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, will be back at the Heritage Hall (15th & Main, Vancouver) on Sunday, 8 September 2013. Starts at 11 a.m.

Hopefully it’ll be raining by then as last one was sparsely attended in large measure due to what eventually registered as the first rainless July in Vancouver’s history:

Exact address is as on poster, just a different date:

Poster for the July 7, 2013 Vancouver Comic Con

Poster for the July 7, 2013 Vancouver Comic Con. Website is here:

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War-Pox finally available on Kindle

E-versions of “The War of the Apocalyptics” have been available on a number of formats for a while now. However, because of, to me, highly frustrating technical glitches, it never got as far as, not to mention any of the other amazons worldwide. Has now, though, which means it’s simultaneously available for download on Kindle Fire, I-Pad and I-Phone for the first time.

Cover for E-Versions of "The War of the Apocalyptics", artwork by Ian Bateson

At $7.00 per download it’s about 1/2 the price of the print version. This I consider a tragedy as I like turning pages. I also prefer paper cuts to electrocution but who am I to argue with progress?

Click here to go to War-Pox’s main page. Click here to go to lynx from the novel.

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