Cryoseism — Catastrophe comes to Temporis

Here’s a sequence from “The War of the Apocalyptics”. It’s also quoted here.

Cover for E-Versions of "The War of the Apocalyptics", artwork by Ian Bateson

E-Pox now available on the Kindle platform

Just to set the scene, Old Man Power  (before he realizes he’s actually Kronokronos Akbarartha) has unwittingly sent Nakba Ramazar to Subcranial Temporis in the north of Sedon’s Head. (For future reference, the map’s here whereas an entry for Temporis is here.)

Aka Catastrophe, the Headless Apocalyptic of Sudden Destruction, he’s now trying to convince Akbar’s devic half-father, Dand Tariqartha, to let him remain in the latter’s protectorate until Devauray (Saturday) night. Being an Apocalyptic, not to mention headless, and hence rather simpleminded, he’s offering to destroy some of the Thousand Caverns if the Dand doesn’t let him stay.

‘… we’ve copious quanti­ties of capital calamities to other-offer you.” Ramazar pulled a flip pad out of the breast pocket of his highwayman-style over­coat. He also pulled out a pair of spectacles. After a second’s hesita­tion he returned the glasses to his pocket.

“Don’t know why I keep those things around.” he mumbled, flip­­ping open the notebook. “Haven’t got a nose to perch them on nor the eyes to see through, have I?”

“So it would appear, yet you speak and have no mouth. How do manage that?”

“Promise not tell anyone, Dand the Dandy Deadbeat Dad, and I’ll let you in on our scintilla of a secret.”

“Upon my inviolable oath as a highborn son of Lazareme, migh­tiest of the Great Gods.”

“Two-be-headed Vultyrie’s a ventriloquist.”

“And here I thought she was just a mindless schlemiel.”

“That too. Now, where was I? Oh yes, disasters. Where else would I be? Haven’t done any limnic eruptions for a coon’s age – or a hundred and thirty years, whichever’s greater – but I don’t see any deep cool lakes saturated with carbon dioxide in the immediate vicinity. I do see wood­lands, though, and a shell I was sharing recently read that fire­storms are very popular in California these days. Know where California is?”

“As a matter of fact I’ve filled a number of caverns with Califor­nia seemings down through the ages. Hollywood, mid to late 59-teens is my favourite.”

And  so it goes. The up-shoot of these howsoever nonsensical formalities (for devils) is that Tariqartha permits Ramazar to stay until Saturday night. The non-fantasy aspect of why Ramazar never got around listing cryoseism as an optional disaster is mostly because the writer had never heard of frost quakes before today.

‘Frost quakes’ wake Toronto residents on cold night

Weather phenomenon caused by ice expanding in the ground

(CBC Online: Jan 03, 2014 7:02 AM ET)

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Found and fidgeted – War-Pox Press Release

The War of the Apocalyptics Press Release

On-page Lynx

This isn’t quite how it originally appeared in e-mails sent out in late 2009, early 2010, but that’s mostly because some of the lynx were changed to protect the vanished:

Ian Bateson's full colour, wraparound cover for The War of the Apocalyptics, 2009

Ian Bateson’s full colour, wraparound cover for “The War of the Apocalyptics”, 2009

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PRESS RELEASE                                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Latest PHANTACEA Mythos novel now available

VANCOUVER, BC: Phantacea Publications is pleased to announce “The War of the Apocalyptics”, the latest PHANTACEA Mythos Print Publication and the first book in the ‘Launch 1980′ story cycle, is now available for ordering worldwide.

Set primarily in the Aleutians, Vancouver Canada and Subcranial Temporis, beneath the Hidden Continent of Sedon’s Head, between November 30, 1980 and Tantalar 6, 5980, here’s a summary of how it begins:

On November 30, 1980 New Century Enterprises launched the Cosmic Express from Centauri Island, a tri-peaked, mostly man-joined islet off the coast of Maui. With its 6 detachable cosmicars, its central hub-vessel and its overall command-craft, over 60 individuals were on the Express. Intercepted by a Kamikaze craft seconds after launch it never made it to Outer Space. Instead, in what appeared to be a devastating explosion, it was thrust elsewhere.

Whereupon it broke apart!

One of the cosmicars crashed on Damnation Island, in the Aleutians, where the last battle of the Secret War of Supranormals was fought on Christmas Day 1955. A 3-eyed, blue-skinned being, conceivably the very deity once worshipped by Mesoamericans as ‘hurican’ or hurricane, came out of the sky riding a whirlwind conjured from his lower body. The downed space vehicle looked empty. It wasn’t.

An earthen horror confronted the whirling entity. Devil Wind and Demon Land went at each other unrelentingly. When it was over, they apparently weren’t around anymore. Neither were 5 more of their fallen angel ilk, including the four titular Apocalyptics: War, Disease, Disaster and Death, who looked very much pregnant.

In their place stood the 10 members of the newly christened Damnation Brigade. They were the last of the supranormals, back in the realm of the fully alive for the first time in a quarter century. Although mortal and mostly human, they may yet prove to be the sons and daughters of the gods and goddesses, the demons and monsters, of antique mythology.

Regardless of that, they are to say the least aptly named.

Orders paid for with credit cards can be placed through immediately; other major online ordering sites will follow in short order. Dependent on location, booksellers and bookseller cooperatives can place bulk orders for the novel via either Ingram Books or Ingram International.

The book contains a foreword and an afterword by the author. It also contains the first chapter of the next PHANTACEA Mythos print publication. The sequel to “Feeling Theocidal” and the second book in ‘Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories’ trilogy, it is entitled “The 1000 Days of Disbelief” and will be released in 2010.

Relevant online lynx are as follows:

Jim McPherson

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Cover for E-Versions of "The War of the Apocalyptics", artwork by Ian Bateson

E-Pox now available on the Kindle platform

Front Cover Ad for "Nuclear Dragons", art by Ian Bateson, 2013, text and ad preparation by Jim McPherson, 2013

Front Cover Ad for “Nuclear Dragons”, art by Ian Bateson, 2013, text and ad preparation by Jim McPherson, 2013

For some reason War-Pox didn’t appear as an e-book until 2012.

Nuclear Dragons” is the second entry in the ‘Launch 1980’ story cycle.

The ‘Launch 1980’ story cycle is Jim McPherson’s obviously long-running project to novelize the PHANTACEA comic books not only as published but as promised back in the late Seventies.

The  final entry in the cycle will be “Helios on the Moon“, which is due for release in 2014. After that, well, who can say where McPherson will take us? Certainly not me — and I’m pHantaJIm.

Helios on the Moon, front cover of Phantacea Three, art by Richard Sandoval, 1978

Artwork from the “Helios on the Moon” side of pH-3, which was a flip book; Richard Sandoval, 1978

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McPhersonal APE

Advertisement appearing the convention brochure for APE - Alternative Press Expo, features b/w versions of front covers for Nuclear Dragons and the Damnation Brigade graphic novel

Advertisement appearing in the convention brochure for APE – Alternative Press Expo, features b/w versions of front covers for Nuclear Dragons and the Damnation Brigade graphic novel, covers artwork by Ian Bateson, text by Jim McPherson

In case you missed posts on pHantacea on pHacebook ( or the Google +  page ( for Phantacea Publications, Jim McPherson will be attending APE – The Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco a couple of weeks from now.

The dates are October 12 & 13. The place is The Concourse Exhibition Center, 835 8th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. The website is here

And yes, it’s beginning to look like comic and cover artist Verne Andru will be joining him there for at least part of the time.

5 collages prepared for the Goddess Gambit web page

A variety of collages prepared by Jim McPherson for the Goddess Gambit web page

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Nuclear Non-Dragons

Page Lynx

Top of Page; Onwards

 No, it wasn’t either a bad dream or a false memory; it happened

On 23 January 1961 an American “B-52 plane went into an uncontrolled spin over North Carolina” and dropped not one, but two Hydrogen Bombs!

Image taken from BBC article online re the North Carolina dropped H-Bomb

Image taken from BBC article online re the North Carolina dropped H-Bomb

Evidently, “one fell to the ground unarmed. But the second “assumed it was being deliberately released over an enemy target – and went through all its arming mechanisms save one, and very nearly detonated over North Carolina … Only the failure of a single low-voltage switch prevented disaster.”


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Front Cover Ad for "Nuclear Dragons", art by Ian Bateson, 2013, text and ad preparation by Jim McPherson, 2013

Front Cover Ad for “Nuclear Dragons”, art by Ian Bateson, 2013, text and ad preparation by Jim McPherson, 2013

An H-Bomb that went off 8 years earlier on Salvation Island in the South Pacific figures in the back-story of both Launch 1980 full length novels: “The War of the Apocalyptics” and, as one might expect, “Nuclear Dragons“.

Here’s one such reference:

A Summoning Child like so many eventual supranormals, he was killed on Christmas Day 1953, during an unannounced explosion of a hydro­gen bomb on a South Sea lump of land howsoever presciently named Salvation Island by grateful, 16th Century, Portuguese missionaries to Micronesia (presumably because the natives never tried to eat them). Being thus vapourized was, to be put it mildly, a hell of way to celebrate one’s 33rd birthday.

This particular Summoning Child was one of number born on Christmas Day 1920. His name was Jesus Mandam. He’s definitely dead but there is some suggestion that his Callion-Clone is still with us in 1980.

Significantly the designs Jess or Jesse, as everyone except his even longer gone mother (Mary Magdalene born Ryne, Abe Ryne’s hence equally born-with-the-century twin sister), called him on a daily basis, made while he was still alive were left in the Soviet Supracity after his death.

They formed the basis for, among many other things, a good percentage of the technology that went into the Cosmic Express. And, as per the book’s back cover text here, its launch and subsequent (apparent) destruction are finally, if as yet perhaps not fully, described in the latest Phantacea Mythos entry in the Launch 1980 story cycle as released by Phantacea Publications.

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E-book cover for Goddess Gambit, artwork by Verne Andru

E-book cover for “Goddess Gambit” — ISBN 978-0-9878683-3-6

pH-Webworld character lynx

Do we know who was born with Nergal Vetala, the once again Vampire Queen of the Dead in Tantalar 5980, inside her on Christmas Day 1920?

In pHantacea-pHact, we do as of “Goddess Gambit“.  (Truth told, those who followed the Phantacea Web Serials knew that a long time ago.) It’s

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Look out below! Nuclear Dragons are on their way

Don’t quote me, quote Tad, Dolph Dulles, his Enormity and the Great Man (Loxus Abraham Ryne):

Tadpole didn’t need thought beams coming from the moon to ignore the old man. He never had much use for authority. “Have a look at these, then tell me I was wrong.” He handed an envelope of photographs to Dulles. “One of the pilots sent them to us just before we lost contact with him.”

Dolph whistled gravely. “If this … is real, we can’t deal with it.”

Sentalli took one look at the picture then swore: “They are … dragons!”

Ryne had to grin. “And my name’s St George!”

Here, for the first time on pHantablog is its full back and front covers. It’s what you’ll get when you buy it. Which you will, right. (No question mark, also right?)

For birthday and Christmas presents, too. (Even for Xuthrodites like the patriarch (that would be Abe Ryne) who call it Xmas or Sedonites who prefer Mithramas).

Double-click to enlarge separate window.
Front and Back Covers for "Nuclear Dragons"; artwork by Ian Bateson, 1980/2013; text by Jim McPherson

Front and Back Covers for “Nuclear Dragons”; artwork by Ian Bateson, 1980/2013; text by Jim McPherson

More on “Nuclear Dragons” can be found here, here and here. It’s auctorial preamble is here and here.

The first entry in the ‘Launch 1980’ story cycle was 2009’s “The War of the Apocalyptics“. A note re the dreaded letter ‘D’ and the spoiler alert that goes with it are here and here. Both apply to “Nuclear Dragons” and both were taken from 2011’s “Janna Fangfingers“.


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McPhersonal Appearance — Vancouver Comicon Sunday 8 Sept 13

Jim McPherson, creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, will be back at the Heritage Hall (15th & Main, Vancouver) on Sunday, 8 September 2013. Starts at 11 a.m.

Hopefully it’ll be raining by then as last one was sparsely attended in large measure due to what eventually registered as the first rainless July in Vancouver’s history:

Exact address is as on poster, just a different date:

Poster for the July 7, 2013 Vancouver Comic Con

Poster for the July 7, 2013 Vancouver Comic Con. Website is here:

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Phantacea Phree Reads

As per my ever-so-mysterious correspondent blog_me, I did miss listing a few pHree-Bees here.

At the bottom of every Phantacea Publications web page (, as well as at the bottom of most of the web pages making up pH-Webworld (, there are lynx to web pages where from you can buy the books or download the e-books on the Kindle format.

You can now click on those lynx and, once you reach where you’re going, you can look inside any of the books that say you can. (For example, here and here.)

As of today you also google up most of the Phantacea Publications books by title on, yes, Google Books and do the same. For example, the link for “The War of the Apocalyptics” is here.

Coming as soon as I get to it, I’ll put lynx to the read-for-free Google Books page for each of the Phantacea Mythos print publications currently available from Phantacea Publications on their dedicated web pages.

Of course you could go ahead and order them directly from the publisher as per here. (Certified cheques and/or money orders only, please include shipping cost listed on order form.)

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War-Pox finally available on Kindle

E-versions of “The War of the Apocalyptics” have been available on a number of formats for a while now. However, because of, to me, highly frustrating technical glitches, it never got as far as, not to mention any of the other amazons worldwide. Has now, though, which means it’s simultaneously available for download on Kindle Fire, I-Pad and I-Phone for the first time.

Cover for E-Versions of "The War of the Apocalyptics", artwork by Ian Bateson

At $7.00 per download it’s about 1/2 the price of the print version. This I consider a tragedy as I like turning pages. I also prefer paper cuts to electrocution but who am I to argue with progress?

Click here to go to War-Pox’s main page. Click here to go to lynx from the novel.

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