Vancouver Fan Expo 20-21 April 2013

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Van Expo much bigger than last year. Much better attended on Sunday, too. Met some interesting folks and got all sorts of promises along lines of ‘let me go get some cash’ or ‘see you Sunday’ or, ‘hey, I’ve got a small apartment so I’ll buy the e-books online’ etc.

Unfortunately, books are a hard sell. (Saw only two other tables selling novels but may have missed some.) Guess that isn’t particularly surprising as Fan Expo is (nominally) more about comics and worshipping at the shrine of celebrity than anything else.

Did get tired of folks telling me that ‘no one reads anymore anyhow’, as if they’re proud of it or ‘reading just isn’t cool’ (presumably when compared to video games or watching TV or U-Tube). Did mention that the Phantacea Publications e-books on the Kindle format talk. No need to read anything, just listen.

Too bad I didn’t have the pHRev1-DB graphic novel to sell since I probably sold more comics than books, at least numerically. Have to load up more of same next time. Put it down to self-promotion and book me a table for next year as it’s apparently going to three days. JMcP

picture of Jim McPherson, taken at Van Expo 2013 by Ed Healy

Somebody likes the Mighty Eye-Mouth in the Sky; photo by Ed Healy of

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