Phantacea pHree Online

Seems over the years enterprising characters have scanned in various pages from the comic book series. These, I suppose, could be googled, though wouldn’t recommend it. A couple did contact Jim McPherson via, sought and got his permission to scan and mount not just a few pages but entire issues.

As near as I can make out only 1 is still online:

Five covers from Phantacea comics or graphic novels, artwork by Ian Bateson except for pH-5 which Ian finished over Verne Andru's original black and white cover

Plenty more on the Phantacea Comic Book series and graphic novels can be found here:

However, and please note the situation may change as the months and years pass, you can look inside “Feeling Theocidal” anytime you please. The link is here:

E-book cover for "Feeling Theocidal", artwork by Verne Andru, 2008

E-book cover for “Feeling Theocidal”, artwork by Verne Andru, 2008; Feel Theo’s web page is here:

One hopes the lynx not only work but you take advantage of their availability. Once you’ve looked inside the book(s), you could, should you feel the urge, either provide your review(s) on or else come back to this entry and add it (or them) to the comments below.

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