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Have a boo here for a comment on / sort of review of “Goddess Gambit“. Then have look at whatever else Mercury Sam has to say: http://blondahl.blogspot.ca/2013/08/gg.html

5 collages prepared for the Goddess Gambit web page

A variety of collages prepared by Jim McPherson for the Goddess Gambit web page

Should note that a short synopsis of the novel is here: http://www.phantacea.com/#gambit_teaser whereas a longer one is here: http://www.phantacea.com/gambit_page.htm#30SecondSyn

Just in case you’re not feeling clicky, here’s a reminder of what it’s about:

  Goddess Gambit


Nergal Vetala is the Blood Queen of Hadd, the Land of the Ambulatory Dead. She is the lone devic vampire. For 35 years she has been unable to prevent the encroachment of the Living on her realm. Then her soldier falls out of the sky and she’s back in the pink again — as in arterial.


The Trigregos Talismans are a curved blade, a mirror that can be used as a shield and a bloodstone tiara. The Head’s anti-devazur movements cherish them as the Three Sacred Objects because they reputedly can be used to kill devils. For exactly the same reason devils call them the Three Accursed Objects.


They’ve been separated for hundreds of years, since roughly two years prior to All-Death Day in 5494 YD. However, they’re composed of Brainrock-Gypsium, the remnants of the Big Bang’s Primordial Godhead. Due to the PHANTACEA-fact this Godstuff is both transmutable and teleportive, if you found one it should lead you between-space to the other two.


At stake is mastery of devils, the gods and goddesses of not just the Living. At stake as well, potentially, should be mastery over the entire Headworld. Not surprisingly, when one of them finally shows up again, it suddenly seems like nearly everyone wants all three of them.


Too bad, as Nergal Vetala should know better than most, everyone who ever played a Trigregos Gambit in the past has lost.


As always, good reading.

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