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No need to pine for Phantacea. Got plenty here and here and here

Pinning, though, is another matter altogether, as per this comparatively recent post on pHantacea on pHaceBook.

Skip graphic to get transposed info on images pinned to pHant’s Pinterest pages over past few months.

There’s also this, added a couple of days later:
Here’s all of the followup text; :

Mog Mob is a term rediscovered while rereading “The Vampire Variations“, the last web-serial ever posted on pH-Webworld. Some of the synopses remain online  but none of the story sequences do.

As for Mog Mob, it does not refer to a gang of cats. It refers to Circe Switchers (shape-shifters, face-dancers). The ‘mog’ comes from transmogrify.

Pin entitled Crows, pin taken from web

Although the pic is entitled Crow, for pHant purposes it’s the Hecate-Hellion’s Morrigan, one of whom was Mystery Might

The story itself is (mostly) set on Apple Isle in 5938 Year of the Dome. Our heroes are SOS: the Society of Saints. There must be close to 30 of them, they all appear in the Heliodyssey sequences, and even more turn up in the two Variations serials.

<== Despite the pHaceBook caption copied here, after further reading of original serial, am convinced it’s of Manitoulin, the Cheyenne Shaman who brought up Sedon St Synne and his eventual wife Louise born Riel then, after the Simultaneous Summonings of 19/5920, John ‘Blind‘ Sundown and his eventual wife, twice over, Solace ‘Sorciere‘ Sunrise.

Graphic entitle Morrigu, hit top link for more on artist, pin taken from Phantacea on Pinterest

Here’s another Morrigan. Actually called Morrigu, the link references her and her Battle God sisters Badb and Macha. PHANTACEA variations of all three play parts in “The Vampire Variations” web-serial. From the Sixth Brood or Litter of Thrygragos Lazareme, they register in pH-Webworld‘s Search Engine as both Morrigu and Battle Goddesses

==> The other Morrigan-type captioned on this graphic, actually entitled ‘Morrigu’, could also be a reference to the way Valkyries communicate with crows, particularly during “Feeling Theocidal” (Feel Theo), Book One of The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories fantasy epic put out by Phantacea Publications between 2008 and 2012.

Speaking of Feel Theo, the titular Theo is Thrygragos Varuna Mithras. He doesn’t actually feel like killing himself. Rather, he’s fully prepared to kill his Great God brothers, Thrygragos Byron and Thrygragos Lazareme, if they don’t bow down and submit to his primacy on the Hidden Headworld.

Funnily enough — make that not funnily enough for far too many characters in the book — they aren’t.

A painting by Arthur Knapp entitled 'Boundless Time'

The link goes here. It’s just a shot of Augustus Knapp’s painting, though the reference should be to Manly P Hall’s “Secret Teachings Of All Ages“, the extremely handsome book for which Knapp produced it. pHanta-pHans would be more interested in who it inspired” Djinn Domitian, Mithras’s Trumpeter. See Note 4 for a different link and one that takes you here re “Hidden Headgames“.

<== He has his allies, however. One of them is his herald, his Trumpeter, Djinn Domitian. The leontocephalic Heliodromus of Mithras, which also makes him his messenger or angel.

Devils tend to call him the Masochist. Which is apt given he’s one of those ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ types who often seems to get shot. (Good thing he’s immortal.) Or badly beat up.

Selcuk's Eyeball in Hands

For what it’s worth, pin-link, attributed to Selcuk, goes here. Most devils (Master Devas) in the Phantacea Mythos have a third eye. There are a couple of cyclopes, though. Two of them (Trawl the Taskmaster and Viceroy Ibal) appear or are mentioned in “Hidden Headgames“. Baaloch Hellblob, Sinistral Sloth of Satanwyck, wields Pandemonium’s former Grand Vizier’s Evil Eye.

In Feel Theo it’s the Moloch Sedon himself who provides the biggest beating. In “Hidden Headgames” (Games), well, we aren’t told explicitly, not at first, only that, as the Scarlet Sorceress (Methandra Thanatos) put it to the Forgettable Fiend (Smiler), he “… looks like something a snow tiger would drag in after a polar bear was finished with it.” 

==> Games also provides us with our first extended visit to Satanwyck (Hell on Earth, Sedon’s Temple) since “Janna Fangfingers“, who (the character, not the title) also appears in The Vampire Variations” (Vam-Var).

It’s been the realm of Sinistral Sloth (Baaloch Hellblob) since the French Revolution. (As also per Vam-Var, some of the ramifications of just that, the French Revolution, make their way to Temporis as well.)

A Lilith-like figure taken from Web; no further information on site

Primeval Lilith, called Lich Lilith in The Vampire Variations“, which was mostly written in the late 1990s, is another famously fantastical character adopted and adapted through the decades of Phantacea Publications. Some lynx go from here; others from here. Her main entry is here. As for this pin, it goes here, though doesn’t bother telling you who produced it. Oddly, neither does it google.

Its capital city is Pandemonium, a word that can be translated as “the domain of all demons” (also daemons in not just the Phantacea Mythos). Since 1990’s graphic novel, “Forever & 40 Days — the Genesis of PHANTACEA” (4ever), its acknowledged ruler has been Dark Sedon himself.

<== However, long prior to Sedon taking it over on pHant‘s version of Ragnarok, it had a king and a queen. Their traditional names are the same as their Phantacea names: Daemonicus and Lilith. Lynx to much more on them are here.

In Games, one of them doesn’t want to accept their days of ruling from the Highchair of Hell are over. (Actually, in Games, there seems to be only one Highchair left.). Needless to say Hellblob doesn’t see it that way.

The two sides of Demon Queen Lilith, seductress and monster

Version of the Demon Queen Lilith apparently photo-shopped by someone named Cantas. It seems to capture her dual nature fay-fairy-fairly accurately. After Miracle Memory’s extensive story-telling re her in “Helios on the Moon“, pHant‘s lovely but lethal Lily is currently coming into her own during the opening entries of Phantacea Phase Two: namely, “Decimation Damnation” and “Hidden Headgames“.

==> Nevertheless, when he encounters what’s become of the other daemonic royal, he (Sinistral Sloth) doesn’t have any problem acknowledging that, properly speaking, it doesn’t belongs to him. Hmm:

“A mass of darkness had congealed on the Highchair of Hell. Darkness had form, a very dark form but clearly – ha, ha – humanoid. Darkness had a pink face and three eyes. With six pink fingers, each of them too long by at least a joint, Darkness had been playing a set of panpipes. Darkness ceased playing them. Darkness smiled.

Louis the 14th of France, possibly with a Trinondev eye-stave; image spotted on Web

Clearly this pin is suggestive of not just the Sun King, Louis XIV of Versailles, France, but of Herr Hel Helios, the Male Entity, who has been in Phantacea Publications since its beginnings in 1977. He even had a book named after him. Indeed, the entire series of web-serials set in 19/5938 are entitled “Heliodyssey“. Note the staff he’s holding. Very reminiscent of an eye-stave.

“A couple of seconds passed before he realized Darkness had far more right to sit there than he ever did; that in fact the Highchair of Hell belonged to him, always had. Whereupon, in what had been his throne room for nearly three centuries, the Prime Sinistral of Satanwyck went to his knees, laid the Evil Eye on the floor between them and scuttled backwards even more cravenly until it was safely out of his reach.”

<== Just as light is the opposite of dark, in many respects Heliosophos is the opposite of the Moloch Sedon.

That he, in the Fifth Lifetime, helped create the All-Father of Devazurkind, whom he quickly came to believe was the Devil Himself, and has been trying to exterminate him ever since, provides one of the eternal hooks of the Phantacea Mythos.

Witch Queen Hecate as the Triple Goddess, unaccredited image taken from Web

Witch Queen Hecate as the Triple Goddess inspired pHant‘s demon-loving Hecate Hellions. Their “Mother Superior” has throughout the centuries been known as The Morrigan. The first named Hecate appeared in “Feeling Theocidal“. A number are listed and described here. Lots of little eyes in this pin but no information on who did it (Jo Freyr?)

==> Sedon is hardly Helios’s only eternal enemy. Even though Master Devas (pHant‘s devils) can humanize his forever companion, for good or ill, Miracle Memory, he’s never been too pleased with Sed’s equally immortal, devazur descendants either.

Demons can also at least partially animate the Female Entity, who’s otherwise mostly computer, though she often seems more leaden when she only has hold of one of them. Indeed as far back as when he was Alorus Ptah, the second biblical Adam, he had Memory build the twin Sphinxes, Andy and Ginny, to confine demons, not devils.

Aspects of this story were told in both 4ever and Feel Theo. It was in the latter that we met the first named Hecate as well as witnessed how Lethal Lily’s Daemonicus escaped from a frolicking Gynosphinx.

Did so rather smellily to say the least. Which was how we met that Hecate, who just happened to be occupied by Future Harmony (much later Freespirit Nihila) at the time;

Ginny paused, dropped a load. Trailing behind them, beside him, the witch [Hecate] with him [Thrygragos Lazareme] pooper-scooped it up.

A live model Medusa, pinned fromg the Web

pHant’s got plenty of Medusas. There’s a feature on them, with plenty more lynx, here. The pin itself takes you to here. Doesn’t tell you who prepared it, though.

“It’s the wrong one, the king not the queen.” Hecate growled, in her own snarl. His firstborn already back inside her, she bared a breast anyhow; let the little shit suckle.
“He’ll have to do.”
“My daughter?”
“I’ll keep her. You want her back; it may cost you your entire expeditionary team. Then again it may not.”

Hirst's Medusa scanned in from a postcard bought at 'Unbelievable' exhibit, September 2017

Damien Hirst’s Medusa, spotted and shot in Venice, September 2017, According to the brochure, among the fourteen venomous serpents represented are the African rock python, horned viper and coral snake

“Hey,” Mother Nature’s manure-man, momentarily detaching its lips from Hecate’s left nipple, demanded to know: “Where was I?”
“In heaven, honey,” Hecate responded.

<==> Also in Feel Theo, and also coming out of Ginny the Gynosphinx, by then calling herself All the Invincible She-Sphinx of Incain, was also the first time in non-comic book form that we met Mater Matare, aka the Medusa, the Apocalyptic of Death.

Which seems as good a place as any to leave off this pHantaBlog.

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Peculiar Perspectives: “The Streets of London, late August/September 2017”

Have some possible avian-humans doing a remarkable, considering what they’re made of, air-dance near Marble Arch. Have as well a couple of horsey heads, the complete text — with some minor additions — of the pHantacea on pHaceBook post for 27 November 2017, and a few extra scans from same trip that haven’t as yet found a permanent pHantaHome.

Pictures and text by Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos.


Complete text, with lynx and some additional notes, reads:

Statue of masked, but apparent avian-humans sun-dancing, spotted and shot in Hyde Park, on Bayswater about where it joins Oxford Street in London, next to Marble Arch, photo by Jim McPherson, late August 2017

Statue of masked, but apparent avian-humans sun-dancing, spotted and shot in Hyde Park, on Bayswater about where it joins Oxford Street in London, next to Marble Arch

<== Jim McPherson, the writer/creator of the Phantacea Mythos, has been wanting to write ‘Tsishah’s Twilight‘ for a number of years.

So he started re-reading “The Vampire Variations“, the final web-serial to appear on pH-Webworld.

He’s doing so on account of, well, the demon Tsishah wears whenever she’s appeared in the 5980/81 story sequences, notably “Decimation Damnation” and “Hidden Headgames“.

Sun dancers against sun; photo by Jim McPherson, August 2017, taken in London England

Same Sun-dancers, albeit against sky on a sunny day in London England, late August 2017

==> Even though said demon isn’t wearable as yet, it seems an abundance of hollow-boned avian-humans do appear in said serial.

(As per near bottom of post, they’re the ones who hide their perhaps daemonic feathers between-space when they’re not using them to fly about in and out of the Weird.)

Which got him thinking about some sights he spotted and shot in London, England, back in late August/September 2017.

Shot of Marble Arch taken by jim McPherson, Aug 2017

Marble Arch , London, one time site of the Tyburn Gallows

<== The first two (above) are of bird men air-dancing. They were taken near Marble Arch, the onetime location of the Tyburn Gallows.

Immediately across the street from them (below) was this incongruously enormous horse head, no body, no signage as to why it was even there.

Speakers Corner Balancing Act statue, strong man and elephant with stronger trunk, taken by Jim McPherson, 2017

Talented elephant and strong man statue standing on a traffic island in London, England, near Hyde Park Corner tube station station.

==> Down at another corner of Hyde Park, across from the Hyde Park underground station, was this talented fool one-hand-balancing an acrobatic elephant by his, unless it was her, very strong trunk.

Was on a traffic island and after a couple of feints, said photographer decided it wasn’t worth life and limb trying to dodge extremely speedy, London through-way traffic trying to get closer. Maybe next time.

Huge Horse Head beside Marble Arch, taken by Jim McPherson in late August 2017

Not sure what this huge horse’s head is doing beside Marble Arch across street from the Dancing Avians but it made for an irresistible shot

<== The huge horse head spotted on a construction site next to Marble Arch is reminiscent of a horse’s head spotted and shot in the British Museum earlier on first London stay that trip.

Horse Head in the Greeks in Italy section of the British Museum

Horse Head in the Greeks in Italy section of the British Museum

==> The one in the British Museum was up in the ‘Greeks in Italy’ display. It was marked as being made some time between 700 and 250 BC. There were a few more nifty horse heads in museum, include one of sunny Helios’s and another of loony Selene’s, both of whom are characters in the Phantacea Mythos.

Garuda-type (avian-human) spotted and shot in Regent's Park, London, England

Garuda-type (avian-human) spotted and shot in Regent’s Park, London, England

(Selene, not to be confused with Miracle Memory, is a Silver Signaller who mostly appears in “Nuclear Dragons“. Helios, on the other hand, has appeared throughout the 40 years of PHANTACEA.

Talented elephant and strong man statue standing on a traffic island in London, England, near Hyde Park Corner tube station, shot and altered by Jim McPherson, 2017

Talented elephant and strong man statue standing on a traffic island in London, England, near Hyde Park Corner tube station, with background whited-out

As the Male Entity, he’s even had a book named after him (“Helios on the Moon“) whereas the entirety of the 19/5938 web-serials are entitled: ‘Heliodyssey‘.

Perhaps surprisingly given what happened at the end of Helmoon, he shows up in Phantacea Phase Two‘s “Hidden Headgames“, albeit mostly as a vexation to Freespirit Nihila.

Cat statue about to swallow an Assyrian bust in the British Museum, taken by Jim McPherson, 2017

Fish-eye effect applied to shot taken on main floor of British Museum

Who, perhaps unsurprisingly given all she’s been through since “Goddess Gambit“, seems to be going through an extended Nemesis period.

Won’t say what condition he’s in at the beginning of Phase Two. Will say he isn’t about to have his head bit off, like this poor fellow on the main floor of the British Museum.

No need for that is there.


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Still no sign of Psycho — except on the Simpsons

Well, it worked last time up, so let’s try another …

Haven’t watched anything on Fox, not even football, for decades. Still this really is Psycho. Which is also the name of a Phantacea Mythos character, albeit as a brain in a box, last seen in “Nuclear Dragons“.

Having, thanks to his sister, Aranyani Nightingale, who first appeared nearly forty years ago in Phantacea 1 (September 1977, see back cover shot of Aran and a few others as drawn by Dave Sim way back then) avoided becoming a light snack, he’ll be back in quest of the rest of his body whenever “Destination Damnation” gets published.

“Hidden Headgames” will come out before it, though, later in year.

Seems there isn’t a handy shot of Psycho Saul Ryne from the PHANTACEA comic book series readily available. Remind with a comment below and there soon will be.


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Don’t be a stranger, Mephistopheles

Actually, now that I think about it, please continue to be a stranger. Oh, and kindly keep your crows to yourself.

Published by CBC News · 27 September at 08:40 ·

Some twenty odd years ago, when Phantacea on the Web (pH-Webworld — began someone calling himself (or herself) Mephistopheles e-mailed to warn against publishing any more stories making fun of devils. He (or she) got the standard reply: ‘Hey, it’s only make-believe.” Whereupon he/or unleashed the crows.

Maybe she/or should have had Phantacea Publications charged under: ‘Section 296 of the Criminal Code of Canada states, “Everyone who publishes a blasphemous libel is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.”‘

Did you know blasphemy is still an offence in Canada? It’s true, and that’s why the B.C. Humanist Association asked Victoria City Council to declare Sept. 30…
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Good Cover, Bad Cover, Final Cover(s)

Final cover collage for the print edition of “Decimation Damnation”

Final cover for print edition of "Decimation Damnation", collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2016

Final cover for print edition of “Decimation Damnation”

Made mention of cover controversy surrounding the various collages prepared for “Decimation Damnation — Wilderwitch’s Babies 1” a number of times out here in Cyberia. (See also here and here.)

Lately it’s got so bad I’ve had to eject an entire row from the graphics section on the Witch Babs page.

It had to go somewhere so …

Source of Viennese Photo Montage

Front cover picture of Sharbat Gula as it appeared on National Geographic cover in June 1985

Though shot in 2010 at a public gallery in Vienna, Austria, it turns out that the otherwise unidentified photo montage used in the cover collage in this row began as a photo taken for the National Geographic’s June 1984 issue and as such can’t be pHanta-used as is.

The subject’s name is Sharbat Gula, at the time (1984) age 12. More on pH-Webworld‘s Summer 2016 entry of Serendipity and …

Rejected full cover for "Decimation Damnation" mini-novel

Full tentative cover for Decimation Damnation mini-novel, prepared by Jim McPherson, 2016

Background image is a sunset taken at Jericho Beach in Vancouver, July 2015; Easter Island Moai taken from the Web then solarized

Rejected front cover for DecDam

Main shot taken in Vienna, Austria, gallery, uncredited art, photo by Jim McPherson, 2010; used on tentative front cover for 2016 mini-novel, prepared by Jim McPherson

Wilderwitch representative spotted and shot in a Vienna, Austria, city gallery in 2010; Moai used to represent between-space stone gnomes reputed to exist in the Weirdom of Cabalarkon

Did manage to retain the darker version of the cover for use on one or the other of the mini-novel’s digital editions (PDF or e-pub). So hardly a wasted effort.

Tentative full cover for "Decimation Damnation"

Took out the face, save for the hair and eyes, of the Afghan Girl and filled in space with Daemonic Desperation graphics. Like result a lot … but may not use it for print to blackness issues. Should be okay for digital editions, though.

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Vexatious Nonentities?

Wash that birdbrain’s mouth out with soapstone

Was going to use the word ‘nebbishes’ but online dictionary objected (wrongly, as it happens) but even when it’s defined as “a pitifully ineffectual, inept, and timid person” it still implies they exist.
As this telltale sequence from “Decimation Damnation” reveals, that’s not necessarily so in the case of Stone Gnomes:
The girls had been terrified of Dervish Furie, with his horns and fangs, but had taken an immediate liking to Jervis Murray, he with his darkish, though not altogether jet-black skin and still thick but now trimmed beard. They were in charm mode; were competing with each other trying to tell him how matter transducers kept working despite the fact no one in Cabalarkon knew how to make, let alone service, one anymore. He was distracted, was forever looking around for Wilderwitch, who had yet to show up, and missed most of what Harry’s youngest, Athena, was saying.
“What was that again, Tina? What’re stone gnomes?”
“Gnomes made of stone, silly,” the 6-year old repeated.
“They’re what keeps everything going, Uncle Monster,” elaborated 12-year old Helen, who liked to sound superior and could be quite rude. “Tinny thinks she saw one this morning in the old palace.”
Which, since she thought she saw it in a refrigerator while ‘stealing’ ice cream as well as for those of you don’t follow Phantacea Publications on Facebook (pHantacea on pHacebook), brings us to this, a variation of which also appeared recently on Serendipity and …:

A mite nippy out there, eh? And not just in the dying days of what’s been passing for summer in Vancouver. Great start, though … in May.

Phantacea Publications's photo.
Phantacea Publications's photo.
 And this, also from (pHantacea on pHacebook):

Is that a stone gnome on the cover of JLA 15?

Image may contain: 1 person
Neither of which tells us that stone gnomes actually exist. Something does, though, hence — hopefully without giving too much away — this sequence, also from DecDam:
Wilderwitch was still silently cogitating … when they arrived at Raven’s digs. She wasn’t as swift as Johnny or Raven were to realize the walls were no longer the mess she and Furie had made of them; were in fact back to being as good as new. Was barely swift enough to pick up on the significance of Raven’s exclamatory squawks. Wash that birdbrain’s mouth out with soapstone she was thinking when Sundown made another observation.
“And if they’re demons, they’re shape-shifters.”
“Wait a minute there,” the Witch protested. “You’re suggesting I’m a demon?”
“Not at all,” said Sundown, regarding her querulously, through Raven’s eyes and with her perspective. “Should we have been?”
“Of course not. What were you saying then? I must have missed it.”
“Only that stone gnomes must have fixed the walls and stone gnomes have to be demons. Demons are shape-shifters.”
Much more on Stone Gnomes can be found by using the search engines on and pH-Webworld
Screen shot from the Welcoming Page of as of Saturday, August 4, 2016

Wilderwitch goes into labour with “Decimation Damnation”, the first mini-novel extracted from the open-ended saga

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Non-carb noodling on Thunder Cloud Creatures

Jim McPherson, the creator-writer of the Phantacea Mythos, has been noodling of late. Please don’t mention this to his doctor who’s big on no-carbs diets (if such things are possible).

Drawing ascribed to Lakota Sioux chief Black Hawk of Wakinya Thunder Beings, c 1880; scanned in from August 2015 issue of Fortean Times

Drawing ascribed to Lakota Sioux chief Black Hawk of Wakinya Thunder Beings, c 1880; scanned in from August 2015 issue of Fortean Times

As is often the case, said noodling was provoked by an article he read in Fortean Times; this one re folks struck by lightning, sometimes more than once, who nevertheless survive.
Said noodling did result in considerable googling (though no canoodling as yet.) Reportedly he still hasn’t decided if he’s been wrong about Blind Sundown and Raven’s Head all these years (approaching forty, man and mostly boy).
Maybe, despite what they seem to believe themselves, they’re not Creatures of the Cosmos. Maybe they’re ‘Wakinyah’ Thunder Beings.

Original artwork from Phantacea Five, drawing by Vince Marchesano et al, 1980

Original artwork from Phantacea Five, drawing by Vince Marchesano et al, 1980

Hit the blue highlight for both Serendipity and PHANTACEA articles on Wakinyahs and Heyotas as found on pH-Webworld.

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pHanta-Sites pHinally pHone pHriendly

Of course Webmeister Oz always insisted they were but Google Analytics begged to differ. Actually it didn’t beg anything. It just generated an email and sent it to Oz.

More here.

Welcoming portal for pH-Webworld as of Spring 2015

Entry port for pH-Webworld, first appeared in the 2015 Spring update

BTW, pH-Webworld has been online since 1996. It’s where Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, deposits most of the notes and graphics he comes up with re his characters, concepts and storylines.

The Serendipity and Phantacea entries should not be missed. Additional worthwhile lynx can be found from the Glossary page as well as, as one might expect, both the Menu and Features pages.

Happy reading, even if it is on your phone and not a big TV or computer screen.


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Phantacea pHits pHlickr like a … pHill in the _________

copy-pHlickrBanner_1000x300.jpgpHantaJim, blogmeister, has been keeping Ozymandias McPherson, webmeister, busy. pHan-J makes comments and provides lynx then complains bitterly that something here or there on one of the two main sites ( isn’t up to snuff and Oz has to correct them.

Heck of a way to while away a summer morning. At least Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, got a new header and a promo for “Helios on the Moon” out of it.

Promo prepared for upcoming release of Helios on the Moon by Jim McPherson, 2014

Double-click to enlarge; the better to read if you do. Artwork is from the two Phantacea Revisited graphic novels.

– pHan-J’s latest phanta-phlickr web gallery (#4, and counting, with comments) is here.

– recent and particularly Peculiar Perspective essays on the Serendipity Now page are here and here.

– permanent placements for previous presentations on pH-Webworld are here and here.

– still waiting for offers from beta readers:

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Two out of Three Recommendations ain’t awful


Ian Bateson's full colour, wraparound cover for The War of the Apocalyptics, 2009

Ian Bateson’s full colour, wraparound cover for The War of the Apocalyptics, 2009

This review-recommendation written by Ronald Hore re “The War of the Apocalyptics”:

“The main difficulties I found were that … the story appears to take for granted some knowledge of what has gone on before. There are an almost bewildering number of characters who pop into the story without any background and constant references to past occurrences. There are also several named events or words used that form part of the narrative but do not immediately bring to mind what is being talked about. Much of the tale is told in the form of streams of dialogue between the characters. It might have helped somewhat to have a detailed character reference bio provided at the end along with a glossary of the more uncommon words and phrases.”

Might I humbly recommend use of the Phantacea-peculiar Search Engine atop either the Phantacea Publications webpage or pH-Webworld as a backup plan to even more pages in a novel? There are also lynx to Phantacea-peculiar Glossary items here.


This review-recommendation written by Ronald Hore re “The Damnation Brigade” graphic novel:

Covers for Phantacea Revisited 1: The Damnation Brigade

Graphic novel compiles the complete Damnation Brigade story sequence from pH 1-5 as well as pHz1 #s 1 & 2; for more on the Phantacea comics hit here:

    “The artwork is generally quite good. The problem lies with the details of the story being told.

     “The arc of the story covers the battle between various superhumans (supras or supranormals) known as the Damnation Brigade and devils described on the back cover as “originally extraterrestrial Shining Ones.” 

     “Perhaps because this graphic novel is a collection of comic book sequences from previously published works, the material we have here appears to be lacking in continuity and detail. It is very difficult to follow. The author obviously knows his story and the universe where it is set, in great depth, but the reader is faced with a number of characters and situations where the background appears to be lacking. This makes for a very slow read as you must pause to try and figure out what is going on and how it connects to what was read previously.”

And this is a recommendation? Yep.


Front and Back Covers for "Nuclear Dragons"; artwork by Ian Bateson, 1980/2013; text by Jim McPherson

Front and Back Covers for “Nuclear Dragons”; artwork by Ian Bateson, 1980/2013; text by Jim McPherson

As for what he has to say about “Nuclear Dragons“, that’s here.

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