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No Invitation Needed

Phantacea Publications has made a perhaps surprising amount of print releases featuring Jim McPherson’s Phantacea Mythos available online for at least partial perusal.

Here are a few literally priceless lynx to literature:

Phantacea Publications on Google Books

Look Inside Phantacea Publications on

Quick and/or Full Preview of The Damnation Brigade graphic novel on Drive Thru Comics

Phantacea 1 & 2 on Ink Stains

Excerpts from … (fill in the title)


5 thoughts on “pHant pHree Reads

  1. Looks to me that both Phantacea Revisited graphic novels have been digitized by Amazon. Fixed format PDF versions are also available from Drive Thru Comics and Fiction. Have a look (and a click or three) under the Ordering Online pull down menu for lynx. I haven’t tried it myself. Then again I already have the books in all three formats don’t I.

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  4. What no 4-Ever & 40? Googled up pHant Productions and came across link to download of 1st Graphic Nuclear [assume you mean “novel”]. Very dubious website; ads look to go hardcore. It does indicate free, though. (Unless it’s pHree.) I’d see about having it deleted as I wouldn’t buy or even look at anything connected to such a site.

    • I’ve had problems with bootlegs before. I only list sites I’ve approved of on the pHant pHree Reads page.

      As for 4-Ever, I never finished scanning it in so there are no preview sites. It’s on my TuDu list, though. Unfortunately said list just keeps getting longer. I’ll have a 2013 edition of both “Feeling Theocidal” and “The War of the Apocalyptics” out soon. Once that’s done I’m going to see if I can figure out how to use the Kindle Comic Creator. I do, I’ll start putting all the old comics on amazon for starters, drive thru comics for seconds. Stay tuned.

      BTW, the 4-Ever webpage is here:

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