Kindly whale away word-wise

Squished cliff head, shot and squishing by Jim McPherson, 2011

(Whaling away wizard-wisely not necessary but wailing away, worldly or especially wordily weepy, strongly discouraged)

11 thoughts on “pHantaBlog

  1. Me again. Must have used one of those inappropriate terms in last posting as it never made it this far. At any rate the Georgia Straight has an article on crowdfunding. Any chance of using it to raise bucks for more pHant publications?

    • How does one categorize something anyhow?This should have gone in Publishing section but when I hit it I just went to some postings. Boring … Where’s the instant gratification? Isn’t that why folks blog — to get their names and web trolls out there?

        • Getting a lot of web trolling. Trolls make some comment that may or may not have anything to do with Phantacea or the topic/issue at hand. They don’t seem to have any interest in what’s going on here; rather, their only interest is getting their lynx registered. Which would be fine, if I had any interest in their lynx, which I haven’t thus far. Too bad. Makes for a barren blog.

    • Re the inappropriate words or terms you used in last attempt at posting on pHantaBlog, Me again, maybe there is some sort of automated exclusion built into program. If so, it’s news to me, this me. But what isn’t when it comes to blogging?

      As for crowd-funding, I’ll have a boo on the Straight’s website and see if I can find a link. I do know about indie-a-go-go. Am of mixed minds about it. Certainly haven’t used it. I know there is a local comic book collective that has, though. Unfortunately I can’t remember name of collective. However, by local I mean Vancouver so maybe you or they would care to advise, with lynx.

    • Not in the books as such. Correction, he may do — in War-Pox — but only very briefly. He might in upcoming “Nuclear Dragons” but don’t know for sure as yet since it’s still in rewrite. Do know he shows up in a couple of panels in “The Damnation Brigade” graphic novel.

      BTW, aforementioned DB:GN (alternatively pH-Rv1, for Phantacea Revisited #1) has been delayed again, probably until after Xmas (unless, as per “Feeling Theocidal”, it’s still called Mithramas where you are).

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