Mythos Mag 2006 (minutely updated for 2012 relevance)

A variation of the first PDF prepared for Phantacea Publications can now be downloaded. Click here to get a version containing updated 2012 lynx. Good luck locating the original.

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19 thoughts on “Mythos Mag 2006 (minutely updated for 2012 relevance)

  1. Another track-back. Just register, like many others have, and contribute, which hardly anyone has so far. I don’t bite, not online. I just don’t publish stuff I don’t feel like publishing. Guidelines for contributions, such as they are, can be found on the welcoming page.

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    • Seeming to be collecting SEO stuff. Guess I asked for it. Might do as you ask, too, NTMmov, if that truly is your name. And maybe someone who reads pHantablog might as well. Don’t like to encourage spam but on the subject of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I make an exception — for the time being.

    • Thanks, Cyndy.Have to admit the cleanliness of site’s layout is mostly courtesy of Word Press, an open source program available through Phantacea’s server.

      Have a look at any of my other sites and then tell me how sweet and super they are. I’d appreciate the compliments more as I’ve made up nearly everything you see on them, including the page and panel background images.

      All of the sites have their own menus, so that might be your first stop. The two purely Phantacea sites have an internal search engine as well if you want more info on something you’ve seen on the blog. Type click and you’re there — rather, you’re given all sorts of options as to where you might go next.

      The quickest to get to any of them is here:

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