Fat-eared Helios time-tumbles to Glauberg for 101st

The latest Serendipity entry on pH-Webworld (http://www.phantacea.info/seren.htm#glauberg1) finds Helios off the moon and, having typically time-tumbled postmortem, ending up in Celtic Glauberg ca 500 BC.

Collage featuring the Glaubert torc and three panels from pH-4, artwork by Verne Andrusiek, 1979

Unearthed in early to mid 1990s; in Phantacea terms, could be confused with either Harmony’s necklace or the Crimson Corona; artwork from pH-4, Verne Andrusiek, 1979

We now believe this the case because, while he would have time-tumbled elsewhere (else-when) after his 101st death, his friends or followers in that era apparently left behind a wooden statue of him.

It wasn’t dug up until 1990s and, evidently missing its feet, is now on public display at the Glaubergmuseum. (Click here for what appears to be an in situ blowup of Fat-Eared Helios.)

That’s around 15 years after his 1980 exploits, which have been (and will be anew) thoroughly documented in Phantacea comics and web-serials as well as, latterly, full-length novels and (so far) solitary mini-novel (“Janna Fangfingers“).

Clearly he met the Moon Bunny (http://www.phantacea.info/seren.htm#helrabbit1) in his 100th lifetime and, in an effort to win her favour, had his Milady Memory craft him some fat, rabbit ears strangely reminiscent of mistletoe leaves.

Why mistletoe leaves? Well, amorous sort that he is, Helios might have figured that was the best way to get the Moon Bunny to kiss him.

A golden neck torc fashioned ca 500 BC, unearthed in 1990s near Glauberg, Germany; image taken from Web

A golden neck torc fashioned ca 500 BC; unearthed in 1990s near Glauberg, Germany; image taken from Web (http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Glauberg)

As for how the Crimson Corona ended up in Glauberg, either in 500 BC or when it was dug up, more than likely it’s only a golden facsimile. Still, neither its fate nor that of Harmony’s necklace were detailed explicitly at the end of “Goddess Gambit” were they.

Could be they will be come “Helios on the Moon“. Just a matter of patience now until the latter’s released circa Beltane Day 2014.

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  1. I suppose it comes as no great wonderment that pH-4 came out in 1979 and that it purported to factually detail events that didn’t take place until December 1980. After all, the ending of pH-6 (which did come out in 1980, albeit much earlier than December of that year) had a much, um, milder ending that Goddess Gambit.

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