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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Goddess Gambit by Jim McPherson (creator/writer) and Verne Andru (cover artist) Phantacea Publications, $25.00 –

In addition to concluding the Glories trilogy, Gambit picks up from where Janna Fangfingers left off. As such, it eventually carries on the Launch 1980 story cycle that began in 2009 with The War of the Apocalyptics.

Starting at the end of November 1980 (Maruta 5980 Year of the Dome), its ensemble cast includes many characters new to Phantacea Publications, though not to the Phantacea Mythos.

Among them are the fabulous, if fearsome, Fisherwoman (Scylla Nereid, now over 60 but as formidable as ever), the Hellions’ late 60th Century Morrigan (Superior Sarpedon), her husband and fellow Summoning Child Demios (once codenamed the Ace of Spades) and her year-older brother, the Master of Weir since 5950 (Saladin Devason).

Welcome back the Legendarian (Jordan ‘Q for Quill’ Tethys), Bodiless Byron’s Firstborn Silverclouds (Savage Storm and Lunar Uma), the Thanatoid Death Gods of Lathakra (King Cold and the Scarlet Empress) and a certain next-to-never-remembered smiling fiend (who may or may not yet prove to be the Moloch Sedon slumming).

Why are earthborn demons fighting against the Living and why are Hellion Witches fighting against demons? Aren’t they supposed to be allies? They were in Feel Theo, which took place on Mithramas Day 4376, and still were throughout the seven hundred or so years (4824-5495 YD) covered during 1000-Daze — what’s changed?

Who is Freespirit Nihila? To her exceedingly short-lived regret, didn’t Herta Heartthrob encounter someone very similar, perhaps even identical, to her in Contagion, circa 5476?

Did any members of the Damnation Brigade survive the War of the Apocalyptics? For that matter, did any of the Apocalyptics?  No matter … If they’re alive and dare trifle with them, Nergal Vetala, the Blood Queen of Hadd, and her soldier, her champion, the Trigregos Titan, whoever he is, will happily kill them.They’ll kill anyone who seeks to play let alone win a Trigregos Gambit at their expense.

Kill them then command their corpses to rise up and kill the more!


E-book cover for Goddess Gambit, artwork by Verne Andru

E-book cover for “Goddess Gambit” — ISBN 978-0-9878683-3-6


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