Routes not to take to VCON

As per also here and here, Jim McPherson will be signing copies of "Nuclear Dragons" at this year’s VCON. The big event takes place on Friday, 4 October 2013, starting at 7 p.m.

Free entry for the book signing event Friday evening. Vendor’s Room is open to the public all weekend, 4-6 Oct. Website is here.

Two pirate women, artwork by Melissa Mary Duncan, 2013

Image Courtesy of Melissa Mary Duncan Melissa is one of VCON38’s attending artists. We invite you to join her in the art gallery on Saturday (5 October 2013) to watch her at work and enjoy her process.

Event address: Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel, 3500 Cessna Drive, Richmond, BC. Important information follows.

Note #5 in particular. Evidently cosplay (which apparently is a word; a portmanteau, no less) has a drawback. Folks get caught up in character so random acts of piracy may be expected.


1) DO NOT ATTEMPT to walk to Templeton Skytrain station.  It is a very dangerous route across marshy land and strangely looped roads, the nearest station side is blocked off, and Skytrain service does not run past 1:00 a.m.

2) DO NOT CROSS Sea Island Way or Bridgeport Road, except at the lighted intersections at No. 3 Road.  There is a very tempting disused railway crossing at the east (Richmond) end of each bridge. However, traffic is very fast, very frequent, and knows it has the right of way. Sea Island Way is extremely bad: the one-way traffic is coming fast over the hump of the Moray Channel Bridge, and WILL NOT SEE YOU IN TIME.  Traffic on Bridgeport Road is one-way toward Airport Connector Bridge, and has long clear sightlines, but the crossing is still not legal and still not recommenced.

3) DO NOT ATTEMPT to use the north side of Sea Island Way AT ALL, unless you work in the hut at the west end.of the Moray Channel Bridge.  There is a crosswalk on the north side of the bridge, but it is marked “closed”, and strongly fenced off at both ends..Only bridge service staff are allowed to use it, and only when they’re actually turning aside the center of the bridge to let tall river traffic through.

4) DO NOT use the bridge at Bridgeport Road (Airport Connector Bridge) to get to the hotel,. Cars must go this way, but it is a longer route among the tangled roads.  If you use this bridge by mistake, there is a bicycle path, west of the bridge, that leads back under the bridges’ ends and connects up right across from the hotel..  It has “subject to flooding” warning signage on it..  Hope it is not a very high tide!.

5) (For over-enthusiastic pirates) If the Moray Channel Bridge crossing is held up for a passing tall ship, DO NOT ATTEMPT to board said ship.  It will not let you off anywhere you actually want to go, and your outfit and gear will be ruined in the process.

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