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Where have you heard this before? Only you can answer that. Where can you hear this again? Ah, well, as to that … How about starting here?

Black and white covers of the various Phantacea comics and graphic novels

Black and white covers of the various Phantacea comics and graphic novels

(Though, just to be clear about the ear, to hear it properly you’d have to read it out loud.)
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  1. “… the publishing industry … want(s) to bet on a sure thing.”
    (here and at
  2. Re Marketing Muddle: “… maintain a daily presence on Facebook and Twitter, write a bi-weekly blog, and send out emails to (your) mailing list.” (
    Nowhere near daily, not weekly either, let alone regularly. Bad boy. As for pHant tweets, not a chance. (Coming to your neighbourhood’s main street soon: Instead of caution signs saying “Slow to 30 kph, Children Playing”, watch out for “Slow to 30 kph, Walkers tweeting”.)
    Haven’t got a newsletter but Facebook is here: and Google+ is here: Comments appreciated both places as well as throughout most of pHantaBlog.
  3. List your books for free (
    Done that. Lynx to pHant pHree Reads are here:
  4. Re Marketing Muddle again: “… finding time to market books and write (them) is the biggest challenge – there just aren’t enough hours in the day.” (here and
    To which every writer would add “Here! Here!” or “Hear in the ear!”, as the case may be. Not “Flea in the ear!”, though, as that would be really annoying.
  5. KISS: “You must be able to explain your book and its main benefit in a single sentence.” (here and Rule #1 here)
    More narcissistic nonsense as far as I’m concerned. In an age when, apparently, no one has time to listen to anyone else, in an elevator or elsewhere, one wonders if it’s even worth pitching your book.
    I mean if you can’t listen because you’re so busy, how will you ever get around to reading anything? Won’t be long before we see warning signs on busy streets: “Walkers texting. Slow to 30 kph”

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