DIY Publishing — No one else will

The title isn’t quite right. There are folks out there who will publish ‘unknown authors’. But …

The publishing industry has had the benefit of watching and learning from the music industry’s previous decade of missteps. While they certainly have their clumsy moments when it comes to technology, rights management, and marketing, they really have shown a willingness — and an ability — to adapt.

One of the ways in which the publishing industry seems to be modeling the music industry (for better or worse) is that they want to bet on a sure thing. So they’re keeping an eye on the indies and waiting to see what self-publishers can accomplish on their own. Once a self-published author has built up an impressive platform, the big publisher can swoop in and take them to the next level at a fraction of the cost it would require to “break” a debut novelist/writer into the mainstream.

So the lesson? Don’t wait! Write and release your books now; publish and promote today. The chances of being anointed by major publishers as a complete unknown grow slimmer by the day.But if you have proven sales, an impressive social media presence, and a growing list of fans, you might be able to get a book deal that benefits you AND your readers.

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Black and white covers of the various Phantacea comics and graphic novels

Black and white covers of the various Phantacea comics and graphic novels

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