These Nucks You Can’t Duck

Reckon it needs just a couple more tweaks and we’re good to go. Comments appreciated.

Draft covers for Nuclear Dragons, artwork by Ian Bateson 2013

Tentative front and back cover for 2013 Phantacea Mythos print publication; artwork and layout by Ian Bateson, text by Jim McPherson

Print first then e-book I reckon. Might set up a downloadable PDF too, while I’m at it.

BTW, the back cover text hasn’t changed. It just looks way better now:

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2 thoughts on “These Nucks You Can’t Duck

  1. A couple more tweaks? From looks of two social media pHant sites (pHantacea on pHacebook) and Phant Pubs on Google+, it looks like tweaking’s tweaked out. Why no announcement on regular pHant sites?

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