Mythos Matters on Star Maps too (actually it’s 1)

In case you’ve missed it, there is a menu item entitled “Mythos Matters”. I’d put this there except it’s more of a serendipitous sighting than anything else.

Objects surrounding Pluto as recently named by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), taken from BBC Online July 2013

Objects surrounding Pluto as recently named by the International Astronomical Union (IAU); image taken from BBC Online:

First off, here follows more than a few excerpts from Nuclear Dragons. These are ones that made the grade (As opposed to the takeouts that didn’t, some of which link from here.)

Mom [Roxanne Kinesis] was codenamed Slipper, they said. She was Gypsium-gifted, they added. Dad [Alexandros Kinesis] was codenamed Pluman. His abilities were based on Solidium, its counterforce.


 From that point on the day went south, as in pear-shaped, as in to hell in a dogcart pulled by Cerberus, Hades’ three-headed hellhound.

(Thrygragos Varuna Mithras’s Boss Cow for Taurus … found her way to the Outer Earth. There she became better known as the Great Goddess Cybele, Methandra Thanatos’s main rival for top-dog top goddess in the Mediterranean Goddess Culture of circa 2000 to 2500 Years of the Dome beneath the Dome. The dogs who pulled her dogcart when she left her Hell were Keres Hellhounds.

(Some of them, like the fabled Cerberus, did indeed have three heads. The lava flow that streamed through her hell was called the River Styx. Since it contained loads of molten Brainrock, others called it the Stynx, for reasons olfactory.)


Dulles screamed, fell to his knees, mouth gaping. The words that gurgled out, foamy sputum with them, were in a voice immediately recognizable to some of those there.

It wasn’t his own: “Johann Schmidt! Johann, This Is Sean, Sean Smythe. Amoebaman’s Alive! He’s A Three-Eyed Devil. No, A Six, Nine, Twelve-Eyed Bloody Hydra! He’s Got Four [expletive deleted] Heads On Four [expletive deleted] Necks!”

It was time for sedatives all around.


Through good and bad, Loxus Ryne persevered; became a legend in his own time, albeit no more so than his father had been in his. Noah Charan Ryne … had a greater interest than making money, which like his father before him and his before him – and so on back perhaps as far as Burgundian times in Europe – came almost too easily for him.

As a young man he became a member of the almost legendary Godling Guild. As such, he was obsessed with finding a physical link to the domain of the old, pagan gods from the epic of Gilgamesh, the Vedas, Homer, the Bible, the Eddas, and other antique manuscripts or even more ancient, verbal traditions.


(BTW, there’s also a Nyx (aka Nita Night or, as it will turn out come time to release “Helios on the Moon”, Ereba Thanatos) mentioned in the novel. I say mentioned because she doesn’t actually show up. Then again neither do Divine Coueranna, Slipper and Pluman.)

Seems the Phantacea Mythos anticipated the IAU by many years. Nevertheless, I still say hooray for unions.

As for the BBC Online article itself (, I didn’t realize the … “International Astronomical Union (IAU), charged with making official name designations, stipulates in its rules that names derive from mythology.” Do now, though. And so do you.

I am glad that the … “winning submission, Vulcan, was vetoed by the IAU.” Wouldn’t want to offend Speck by naming such a comparatively tiny Spock of solar dust after his home planet. Those Vulcan shoulder clamps look painful.

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    • Thanks for the kind words, camisetas. It’s kind of neat watching the link you provide go from Spanish to English. Have to admit I didn’t order a pHantacea pHutbol shirt but am a sucker for witterlations.

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