Someone else in that contraption

It’s true. It’s also horrifying in its implications. However, it does beg the question: Why has it taken so long?

Then again Phantacea has, quite rightly, been accused of what might called retro-dating — meaning: assigning to the past what we can’t or can barely do today. To suchlike Nabobs of Negativity, check this out:

Highlighted panel, art by Ian Bateson, 1979

Sea Goddess says to Cyborg Cerebrus: “Good to see you out of that contraption …”; artwork by Ian Bateson from Phantacea Four (pH-4), 1979; original re-lettered by Jim McPherson, 2012, for the graphic novel “Phantacea Revisited 1: The Damnation Brigade”

Yes, Cerebrus is detaching himself from a huge computer in pHantacea-pHact built in the early 1950s but pH-4, whence this Ian Bateson panel, came out in 1979.

Now consider this. It’s from Technology — the BBC online dated April 23, 2013. The article’s entitled: “Samsung works on mind-control tablet”. It’s here.

Who does the fellow in the contraption remind you of?

Shot ascribed fo Samsung, taken from BBC Technology online 23 April 2013

Shot ascribed to Samsung, taken from BBC Technology online 23 April 2013

Among the interesting points raised in the article, how about this: “[A designer] also envisages a future where mind-control headsets are used to gauge moods – so a focus group may use it to get a sense of how a crowd is responding to a politician, for example.”

Forget the old whimsy: “If thoughts could kill”. How much longer before they do?

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