1/16th Mi’kmaq to 1/2 Ojibway

Here’s an exchange taken from “Helios on the Moon“, a full-length mosaic novel Phantacea Publications will probably release in early 2014. (Most of the covers for the Phantacea Comic Books can be found here.)

Helios on the Moon - comic book cover; art by Richard Sandoval 1978

Helios on the Moon – comic book cover; art by Richard Sandoval 1978

It’s between the Dual Entities, re whom many more links can be found starting here.

“Her!” Memory indicated Nidaba Starrus, lying immobile on a table. “And them.” She motioned to her five fellow cosmicompani­ons. “They’ve something to do with us, her in particular.”

“What do you mean something? Access your data banks. You’re supposed to know everything that has happened to us in all of our previous lifetimes. Hell’s Teeth, lady, you won’t even let me wake up after another death before draining memories of my last life into your storage system.”

“Maybe I’m malfunctioning …”

Evidently Helios’s Machine-Memory isn’t the only one.

JIm McPherson writes:

So here I am at Van Expo (Vancouver Fan Expo 2013) at the Vancouver Convention Centre (the joint with the pseudo-sails on the waterfront downtown). I’m in front of the Phantacea booth straightening out the mess when a likely looking fellow comes by.

I buttonhole him, start yapping about Phantacea Publications and give him my card. He retaliates by giving me his card. Name’s Dan Daulby, of www.daulby.com fame, no doubt among many another place.

Somewhere in back of my mind I know the name so we get to talking. Turns out he’s a half-Ojibway graphic artist from Manitoba. (I’m a 1/16th Mi’kmaq from the Nova Scotia branch of the McPherson clan; hence the entry’s title.)

I ask him if he knows George Freeman, a Winnipeg-based  pH-artist who worked on pH-5 with Verne Andrusiek (Verne Andru). Yep, they went to college together.

covers for Damnation Brigade graphic novel

Front and back covers for the upcoming Damnation Brigade graphic novel; artwork by Ian Bateson, 2012; touch-up by Chris Chuckry, 2012; prepared by Jim McPherson, 2013

I pull out a (rejected) proof of Damnation Brigade graphic novel and show him Freeman’s stuff. He puts on his glasses and flips through it. I did, too, not that I wear glasses.

Good stuff, he says (or words to that effect). Don’t make a sale and still haven’t figured out why his name is so familiar.

This is what I showed him. (Double-click to enlarge.) Note the letterer’s name.

credits page from Apocalyptic Nucleus, pH-5 1980

Page taken from Damnation Brigade graphic novel; original artwork by George Freeman and Verne Andrusiek, 1979/80; note the letterer’s name; pH-5 came out in 1980

Didn’t make the connection until that night. Could there be two Dan Daulbys of Winnipeg, Manitoba circa 1979, when lettering must have been done?

Next day we exchanged emails. Answer was not to the best of his knowledge.

We have now exchanged lynx. Have a boo: http://www.phantacea.info/biblio~1.htm#daulbySites

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