Holy Hola Hoops — Y blog’s been offline for awhile

“Holy Hola Hoops, Harry lad!” Young Death almost spoke those words of greeting to Harry “Ringleader” Zeross during Pregame Gambit (http://www.phantacea.com/#pdfDec). Seems an appropriate hola from down here in Touristic Dentistry land. Got one last appointment b4 heading home next Sunday so have been mostly offline for a while.

Been rereading the Weirdness of Cabalarkon” (http://www.phantacea.info/synop5.htm#limbo1) and, boyo el toyo, is it different from “Decimation Damnation” (http://www.phantacea.com/#comingSoon). So, feel free to cheat howsoever slightly and read Weirdness’s synopses (http://www.phantacea.info/synop5.htm#month1) before ordering the latest mini-novel (http://www.phantacea.com/#pdfDec).

You’ll be very surprised just how wrong I got a very nearly canonical storyline originally scripted for the Phantacea Phase Two series of 1980s comic books (that never were) back in the early 20-Zeros,

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