“Decimation Damnation” cover collages

Cover collage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2005

Variation of a cover collage prepared for what’s now called “Decimation Damnation” ca 2005

Here’s another take on the cover for “Decimation Damnation“, a web-serial that appeared in its entirety on pH-Webworld (aka Phantacea on the Web) starting around twelve years ago. (Might have been called “The Weirdness of Cabalarkon” then, at least for awhile.) New version won’t be the same, though.

BTW, it came in at 170 pages but an as yet unwritten Auctorial Preamble and a Character Companion (some of which is here) will enlarge that.

Potential Dust Cover for "Wilderwitch's Babies 1", collage prepared by Jim McPherson ca 2008

2008 version of cover for “Wilderwitch’s Babies 1 — Decimation Damnation”

Might go back to it if I go with a collage cover along the lines of the 1000 Days mini-novels.


Wooden plaques spotted and shot by Jim McPherson in Montreal, 2000

Wooden plaques spotted and shot by Jim McPherson in Montreal, 2000; no information on the artist’s name

Isolation shot of the wooden plaque used in cover collage, photo manipulation by Jim McPherson

Isolation shot of the wooden plaque used in cover collage

Both parts of the Wilderwitch figure were taken from a snap shot in Montreal in April 2000. The wood plaques are all by the same guy; unfortunately there are no names I can find on them.

Her “fearsome” soul-self is in foreground; not looking very fearsome I’m sorry to say, but the lack of eyes does make it kind of spooky.

As an aside, and hopefully without giving too much away, what happens to Blind Sundown when he is given crablike, ommatophorous eye-stalks is anything but ducky. It’s truly beyond either fearsome or spooky.


Caduceus with gargoyles collage prepared by Jim McPherson

Utopian Warriors of Weir manifest gargoyles atop their eye-staves; Mel-Illuminatus manifests a healer’s caduceus; graphic combines both

A hairpin shaped like a caduceus, image taken from web

A hairpin shaped like a caduceus like the one Mel-Illuminatus manifests atop her dinky eye-stave in the mini-novel

Two gargoyles atop Notre Dame, photos by Jim McPherson, 2004

Two gargoyles shot atop Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral in 2004 by Jim McPherson

The caduceus is actually a hairpin. Not sure where it came from but the gargoyles are definitely from the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. They were taken in 2004, when you could still walk up steep — I’d call them precipitous — stairs to the gargoyle level. Not sure sure whether you can do that anymore.


Hasankyef House Head Given Eyes by Jim McPherson in 2008; shot taken in Turkey, 2003

Hasankeyf House Head Given Eyes by Jim McPherson in 2008; shot taken in Turkey, 2003

Part of the Hasankeyf ruins, shot in Turkey by Jim McPherson, 2003

Part of the Hasankeyf ruins in Turkey, 2003; suggestive of a House Head; also seen here: http://www.phantacea.info/fallof03.htm

Early version of DecDam front cover, prepared by Jim McPherson, ca 2003/4

Possibly the earliest version of DecDam’s front cover

Giving the stone, house-head ruin from Hasankeyf eyeballs must have been fun.

Can’t recall whose they were but flipping the shot does make it look almost human.

Not sure I like the text name at top of page on the tentative front covers shown but might keep it just for variety.

However, compared to the second cover at top of page, do prefer the pink background to Mythos area and the vaguely purplish overall background in first graphic.

Similar images are used on the related Serendipity and … entry as well as the entry for Mel-Illuminatus in Witches page on pH-Webworld..


A couple more aspects of the covers at top of page are highlighted here.

Welcoming portal for pH-Webworld as of Spring 2015

Entry port for pH-Webworld, first appeared in the 2015 Spring update

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