Nuclear Dragons doing a Reverse China Syndrome? Can’t be, not on 28 Sept 2015

Am struck by this shot of what … fancy fireworks?; St Elmo’s Fire? Looks like something out of Cataclysm Catalyst, albeit in colour.


From St Elmo’s fire to sprites and blue jets, discover the peculiar glowing balls and streaks that form in Earth’s atmosphere|By Martha Henriques

Mention of astronomical sprites and ring-like ELVES is also kind of interesting from a peculiarly PHANTACEA perspective.

Both the ball lightning (“The Death’s Head Hellion” and the aurora borealis have long been associated with Datong Harmonia, the Unity of Balance, as well as her far less savoury alter egos, Nemesis (from “Contagion Collectors”) and Freespirit Nihila (“Goddess Gambit”, “The War of the Apocalyptics” and “Helios on the Moon”, all of which can still be ordered online or directly from the publisher.

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Here’s the shot of Nuclear Dragons doing a China Syndrome away from Centauri Island as it appeared on the Phantacea Publications Facebook Site. The artwork’s by Ian Bateson, 1979 or 1980. It was intended for Phantacea Seven (unpublished).

NOTE: This is the re-lettered version that first saw light of print in “Cataclysm Catalyst”, webpage shot is here:

Phantacea Publications's photo.
And, just in case the shot at the top of the page degrades over time, here’s a reiteration of the same image suggestive of Nuclear Dragons doing a Reverse China Syndrome away from Centauri Island in early December 1980.
Shot taken from BBC Online

Image of five shapes rocketing skyward into some sort of circular wormhole reminiscent of a scene from Nuclear Dragons, image taken from the BBC Online (

PS, Web-meister Oz, who insists he doesn’t exist despite having 30+ Recommendations on Linked-In, used the same image for an entry on Phantacea Publications here.

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