Cure(s) for Aphantacea at Vancouver Collectibles Fair, 3 Oct 2015

BBC online has had a couple of pieces on aphantasia lately. It’s been described as a someone missing their mind’s eye (Missing one’s Mind’s Eye). Here’s a sure cure for apHantacea, besides the usual.

Phant’s pHavourite snake oil salesman is welcoming in the last month of the Harvest Season by inviting you to join him at the Vancouver Pop Culture Collectibles Fair & Computer Swap Meet on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

Website, with directions, is here: October Collectibles Fair. Scroll down page for familiar shot of said snake oil salesman. Note the bold type:

Details regarding PHANTACEA Mythos print publications can be found here:

Virtually all of this material will be available for purchase at extraordinary con-only prices of $10.00 per novel and graphic novel, plus $5.00 per mini-novel and original Phantacea comic books (while supplies last).

Promo prepared for upcoming release of Helios on the Moon by Jim McPherson, 2014

Double-click to enlarge; the better to read if you do. Artwork is from the two Phantacea Revisited graphic novels.

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