Vcon Fandom Bazaar features pHanta-pHleas

Phantacea Publications has a table at the Vcon flea market tomorrow (Solstice Sunday) in Burnaby.

Artwork by Ian Bateson from Phantacea Publications series of comic books and graphic novels

A selection of comic book covers by Ian Bateson, banner compressed for Word Press

Last minute confirmation but Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, will be there selling and signing just about everything tangible that’s still available from the pHantaZone.

The first 4 issues of the Phantacea comic book series from late Seventies at $5.00 a piece, including bag, are the featured fleas. (Check out Phantacea Ordering Form — certified cheques or money orders only for list and lynx)

More re Fandom Bazaar, including directions and a map to Bonsor Park is here: Complete collection of covers for the Phantacea comic book series of the late Seventies is here:

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