Make that Merry Mithramas from now on

Top of the Solstice Season to y’all, ye old pHant-pHaithful most especial.

I usually say that, or Merry Mithramas, instead of Merry Christmas mostly because I know Christmas wasn’t established as the date for Christ’s nativity until sometime after Constantine I legitimized Christianity in the Fourth Century A.D.

Now the Pope agrees with me.

Don’t say “Huh?!?”. Read this instead:

‘The idea that Christ was born on Dec 25 also has no basis in historical fact. “We don’t even know which season he was born in. The whole idea of celebrating his birth during the darkest part of the year is probably linked to pagan traditions and the winter solstice.”‘

Statement taken from an article in the Telegraph written by Rick Squires. The quotation is from “Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives”. Its author is Pope Benedict. The article is online here:

The pagan tradition referred to is Saturnalia. The god honoured was Mithras, whom the Roman Soldiery worshipped for centuries. They sometimes referred to him as Sol Invictus and of course Saturn was Kronos was Mithras.

As for what become of him …

E-book cover for "Feeling Theocidal", artwork by Verne Andru, 2008

E-book cover for “Feeling Theocidal”, artwork by Verne Andru, 2008

For a decidedly Phantacea-slant on this, order your copy of “Feeling Theocidal” in either print or any number of e-book formats today. Here’s the link:


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  3. Should mention that all-conquering Google provides piles of pics re Mithras, including more than a few featuring the Great God slaying the Bull (in pHantacea-pHact that would be Taurus Chrysaor Attis). A lot of them show the sun god Helios (Heliosophos) looking on. Somewhat less show the Moon (Mnemosyne) checking it out equally approvingly. I found Google’s gallery by going to the search engine atop the webpages, typing in Mithras then hitting Mithras God. That takes you to here:

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  5. Not sure about rocking, Coach Coupon Code. Glass houses and all that.
    Will say I’d like to know if you actually read the post. You used the track-back trick, one of a few dozen who’ve been trying it of late. Hence the posting here:
    Why not register and contribute like blog_me. The only reason you got past my redactional radar is because the link you provide doesn’t seem to be going to anywhere either offensive or spam-worthy.

    • Does ‘stuff’ include the book? I agree it’s extraordinary but what would be even more extraordinary is a review or some comments about some of the characters. For example, what about Wooden Tethys or Saudi’s Pteradonna? There are or will be soon some new images re both online.

    • Witty? What about pithy or bang on?

      “… of course Saturn was Kronos was Mithras” — should have added that Varuna was Uranus (Ouranos, father of Saturn/Kronos) and wondered if that meant Thrygragos was Zeus? As it happens, in the Phantacea Mythos at any rate, Thrygragos Varuna Mithras is one, um, entity. Which in turns suggests he was also Zeus.

      Guess what? At per Feel Theo, he was!

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