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  1. Further to the recent McPhersonal rant re Gun Porn, here’s a link to a startling website on Facebook. Apparently it’s quite controversial and might not stay up for long. Evidently the same folks are working on an actual Gun Violence Archive website. It’s here.
  2. Re Arrow, also in the Gun Porn rant, it seems the titular character acquired a knack for torture in his past. One wonders if the disreputable fellow quoted here acts as an adviser for the TV show.
  3. Further to Arrow no longer killing (with arrows), the mid-season finale seems to be hinting the titular character will be reborn in the New Year, presumably bathed clean of his sins.
  4. As to using arrows as implements of torture, using arrows for anything except killing and target practise, there are such things as arteries. Pierce a Captain Boomerang where Arrow hit him, evidently just because he deserved it, and, sorry Flash, it’s not a joking matter.
  5. Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, notes that in 1962 Columbia Records released an album entitled “The Boys Won’t Leave the Girls Alone”. It’s by the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem and contains a song called “McPherson’s Lament”.
    Decades later (2010), Ray Cooper, formerly of Oysterband, released a CD entitled “Tales of Love, War, and Death by Hanging”. It contains a song called “McPherson’s Rant”. They’re essentially the same song and, yes, the McPherson nominally singing it does meet the stipulated fate, although not until he finishes the song. Otherwise it might have been called “McPherson Goes Gack!”
    Shades of Jordan “The Legendarian” Tethys from, most recently, “Helios on the Moon“. Except Jordy can’t sing worth a darn — with or without using arrows as darning needles.

    Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wooden Carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014

    Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wood carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014; taken to represent the Dual Entities during happy times

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