Nothing incrementally enjoyable about The Incrementalists — so far

The IncrementalistsThe Incrementalists by Steven Brust
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Unfortunately this book seems to go nowhere … slowly. The idea has promise, sure, but you have to make something of a promise or it remains unfulfilled; the book less and less noteworthy, more and more of a plod. Plus, it’s told in the first person, usually a no-no for me. Rather, it’s told in the first person alternatively, by two different characters; presumably also by its two authors alternating either with or without consultation. If that makes it a jam, fine, but the results, at least so far, are awfully bland. It’s set in Vegas but other than it’s hot and one of the characters likes to play poker it could be set in Anytown USA. Maybe it gets better incrementally, but if I had insomnia it’d cure it.

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