Duelling coverage

Collage entitled Daemonic Desperation, prepared by Jim McPherson, June 2016

Right centre: colourized version of Dancing Witch from the Legend of Tam O’Shanter, artwork by John Faed, 1819-1902; Ancient Night by Henry Fuseli, 1741-1825; revenant between them by Pieter Pourbus, 1523-1584, shot in Bruges 201`2; cameo Sedon shot in Bruges, 2012, same as statue of hooded woman in middle of image; other images taken from Web

As per Serendipity and … here, finally learned where the girlish face featured in the otherwise unidentified photo montage on the last post came from. It’s purloined from a National Geographic cover from June 1985. The girl photographed by Steve McCurry in 1984 was Sharbut Gula, then 12. More on that here.

Tentative cover for "Decimation Damnation", graphic prepared by Jim McPherson, June 2016

Daemonic Desperation graphics transposed to tentative cover for “Decimation Damnation” mini-novel

The photo montage used was shot in a public gallery in Vienna, Austria, in 2010 but didn’t shoot the information plaque. Result? Had to rework the tentative cover and poster at bottom of page painstakingly prepared for DecDam over a month ago. Hence delay.

Still like the eyes, as per immediately, but  can’t decide if cover collage is usable. Maybe make up mind tomorrow.

Tentative full cover for "Decimation Damnation"

Took out the face, save for the hair and eyes, of the Afghan Girl and filled in space with Daemonic Desperation graphics. Like result a lot … but may not use it.

So what do you think? Comments appreciated below.

Black & white version of revised poster for Wilderwitch's Babies, prepared by Jim McPherson mostly using his own images, 2016

Black & white version of revised poster for “Wilderwitch’s Babies” as used on the print version of “Decimation Damnation”, the first mini-novel taken from that as yet open-ended saga. More notes here: http://www.phantacea.com/witchBabsPage.htm#graphics

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