Too bad the non-illusory side effect went walking 35 years ago

Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, generally confines his rants to his Facebook page ( Not at all coincidentally pHantaJim is also the name of this page’s blog-meister. Funny that.

He likes Doonesbury, even the repeats, and when this came up on today’s date (, this did too:

Unfortunately John Lennon did not use ‘Intensity’ when he went for walks

Doonesbury from 1986 reprinted on December 8, 2015

Duke runs Baby Doc Medical School. This week (in 1985) he’s holding a designer drug clinic on his Haitian campus dedicated to ‘Intensity’.

Phantacea is the Greek word for ‘imagination’. John Lennon wrote ‘Imagine’. Thirty-five years ago today his illusory ‘side effect’ did not go out for a walk.

As detailed throughout “Goddess Gambit“, Book Three of The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories fantasy epic, and the ultimately related Launch 1980 story cycle, plenty was going on thirty-five years ago in the Phantacea Mythos.

Promo prepared for upcoming release of Helios on the Moon by Jim McPherson, 2014

Double-click to enlarge; the better to read if you do. Artwork is from the two Phantacea Revisited graphic novels.

Goddess Gambit: On Dustmound, Smiler, now possessing Molorchus, insists Vetala bears and has his azuras; when she refuses he reveals to her the truth of the VAM Entity, the amalgamate abom­ination (Mithras, Varuna & Ahriman were Thrygragos Sedon’s firstborn, not as per here the Thanatoids of Lathakra plus brood brother Phantast), and the consequential fact that her actual father was Sedon, not Mit­ravaruna;

Nuclear Dragons: In NYC, someone kills John Lennon; hearing of it on Centauri Island Hiyati Samarand (homunculus possessed by Bodiless Byron’s Dragon) has a heart attack; by now most of Sentalli’s Untouch­ables, most of whom turned out to be homunculi, aka homun beings, have died;

Goddess Gambit: Final battle for Dustmound begins; Trigregos Titan (Vetala’s Soldier) caked by tellurian material in the form of demons projected by Molorchus-Smiler (who’d established a pipeline to hell itself);

Helios on the Moon: Indescribable Mr No Name brings the cosmicompani­ons out of the computer while Smythe brings devic eyes to UNES Lib­erty; Strife takes over Mnemosy­ne Machine (unoccupied aspect of the Female Entity, that of memory); claims she has ejected the future Erebe-Night (actually Demon Queen Lilith, Smiler-Daemonicus’s Gomorrah) into a black hole after Starrus-Yajur;

Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wooden Carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014

Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wood carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014; taken to represent the Dual Entities during happy times

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