Belatedly Noted: Nuck Drags Recommended (for reading, not smoking, though they are hot)

Seems Stevo recommended “Nuclear Dragons“,  the second entry in the Launch 1980 story cycle, way back in December 2013. Seems also pHantaJim, Blogmeister didn’t find out about it until today:

Front cover for Nuclear Dragons, artwork by Ian Bateson, 2013; banner at top added by Jim McPherson, 2014, for digital versions of the novel

Crystallion leads Hell’s Horsemen against Centauri Island

Stevo’s Monthly Picks (Read-Only Folder)  –  December Book Recommendations (182 views):

Nuclear Dragons by Jim McPherson, creator/writer, and Ian Bateson, cover artist (Phantacea Publications, $20.00)

The Launching of the Cosmic Express took place on Centauri Island at the end of November 1980. It was destroyed … Or was it? No matter. Its destroyers thought it was. And they’re not done yet.

Who or what can stop them? The Menace on the Moon? Silver-armoured Signal System? Supra-Clones? Loxus Abraham Ryne, the eighty year old head of SPACE (‘The Society for the Prevention of Alien Control of Earth’)? A couple of middle-aged, newly-minted supranormals named Doc Defiance and Mr. No Name?

A twenty-seven year old who neither knows who his parents were nor what an Amoeba Man was? An obesity who knows far more than he should but is disinclined to share that knowledge with anyone, not even his own son? Or maybe, just maybe, a notorious little trickster who has been seven years old for something like sixty years!

Truth told: How can anyone stop Nuclear Dragons!

(Also in the series: “The War of the Apocalyptics”)

Stevo also recommended “Goddess Gambit” but pHantaJIm heard about that not all that after when it came out.

Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wooden Carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014

Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wood carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014; taken to represent the Dual Entities during happy times

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