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Of course Webmeister Oz always insisted they were but Google Analytics begged to differ. Actually it didn’t beg anything. It just generated an email and sent it to Oz.

More here.

Welcoming portal for pH-Webworld as of Spring 2015

Entry port for pH-Webworld, first appeared in the 2015 Spring update

BTW, pH-Webworld has been online since 1996. It’s where Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, deposits most of the notes and graphics he comes up with re his characters, concepts and storylines.

The Serendipity and Phantacea entries should not be missed. Additional worthwhile lynx can be found from the Glossary page as well as, as one might expect, both the Menu and Features pages.

Happy reading, even if it is on your phone and not a big TV or computer screen.


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