Marauding Mire Monster Shot

Shot but didn’t drop. Sorry, ducks, I tried.

Photo entitled Tree Stalker

Spotted and shot, a number of times, by Jim McPherson, who also prepared the collage, in January 2015

If you’re going to shoot something, even a no doubt duck-devouring, stalking tree at Jericho Beach in Vancouver, best do it with a camera.

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Je Suis not Spartacus

I am Charlie declaration taken from Web

In sympathy with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre of 7 January 2015,  this declaration is being broadcast, and worn, all over Europe and Canada. It might even be happening in the land of Freedom Fries, this despite its thought-inappropriate language

Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, has long lambasted conservatives. Mockery is, after all, the best medicine, albeit not so much for what ails you as what galls you.

In his generosity he has, for example, made the term Tar Party (as opposed to the American Tea Party) freely available to anyone wishing to accurately pillory Tories.

He does, however, refrain from calling them Tarries, leaving that for the more extremist inclined amongst the less genially generous, general public. That would be those understandably many who would prefer to tar-and-feather the blighters, before booting their butts back to Walmart or, um, wherever.

While he agrees we’ve tar aplenty, and, yes, it might be a better use of the crud than trying to export it, he’s concerned about the feathers, preferring them in his pillow rather than sprinkled on political hacks and quacks of the non-feathery variety.

(It goes without saying that birds prefer them on their back but, hey, they don’t vote. Which, come to think about it, not enough like-minded McPhersonals do either. Which makes them birdbrains, no disrespect to actual birds.)

Very non-conservatively considerately of him, he did back off calling Canada’s self-proclaimed Conservative Party the Nasties, once someone pointed out that they weren’t Nazis. (He never said they were but sounds-like, to some of the more selectively hearing, so fair fairy fair enough.)

In deference to the indefensible Yellow Submarine, he now refers to them as Ottawa’s Blue Nasties. Plus, magnanimous sort that he is, he was also one of the first to congratulate them on dropping the word ‘Progressive’ from their name.

There’s certainly nothing progressive about them anymore and besides, even when they were the PCs, there was nothing politically correct about them either.

In the same spirit of contrarian camaraderie, he refers to the (British Columbia) Provincial Liberal Party as the Drooling Bibs (as opposed to the Ruling Libs) and the obstructionists hypocrites below the 49th Parallel as the Repellent Reps; that is, when he’s feeling in a restrained mood.

Then a mere four days after he posted a pHacebook link and comment re this plea for more funning of conservatives, the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris on the 7th of January 2015 brought reality crushing down on frivolity.

Clearly, since they got away, the mass murderous perpetrators were professional mercenaries, not (necessarily) religious fanatics. Which begs the question of who paid them in the here and now first place.

As per usual when something like this happens, the writer regrets that whoever sells guns doesn’t lather them with ketchup and mustard instead of oil (not tar). It would make shotgun sandwiches much more palatable for buyers to swallow, and fire, preferably before they leave the gun store.

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