Serendipitous Reading — The Cross of Mithras

Collage entitled Great Gods Going Crazy, prepared by Jim McPherson, ca 2007

Collage prepared by Jim McPherson for Phantacea Publications, ca 2007; for more hit here:

Recall this from pH-Webworld: It came out in the Summer of 2006. Even if you don’t, have a click and a boo.

While on a working vacation, supposedly to finish revising and editing “Helios on the Moon“, Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, had a read:

‘”Tell us about Mithras, Hugh …”

‘Hugh smiled. “… He was a very powerful god in his day, the Lord of Light, worshipped by most of the soldiery of the Empire as the Soldier’s God, but he was soon absorbed completely by Christianity and disappeared. Even the Cross that Christians revere today was his — the white, four-armed cross of Mithras, and it was an ancient symbol even before Mithras. It was certainly not the Cross that Jesus died on.”‘

Collage entitled Great Gods Going Crazy, prepared by Jim McPherson, ca 2007

Collage prepared by Jim McPherson for Phantacea Publications, ca 2007; for more hit here:

The Hugh is Hugues de Payens, the main man behind the founding of the Knights Templar. The book is “Knights of the Black and White“. It’s by Jack Whyte, who was living in Kelowna, British Columbia, when he wrote his Author’s Note in 2006.

It’s a massive tome, over 750 pages, and only the first book in the Templar Trilogy. As for why it deserves a place on pHantaBlog, it just shows that Jim McPherson isn’t the only one who not only does research but comes to similar conclusions.

In the PHANTACEA Mythos, the Cross of Mithras is one of the Thrygragos Talismans. The others were the Mask of Byron and Lazareme’s Starcape, aka his Cloak of Many Colours. Mithras himself (Thrygragos Varuna Mithras) gets hold of them early on in “Feeling Theocidal“.

Google it up. Or, for images, just click here:¬†The Cross of Mithras . You might even see one of Phantacea’s in-house graphics. Somewhat less specifically, try here: The Templar Cross.

And, oh yeah, just by the by, Whyte might be wrong about it being a sacred symbol long before Mithras. In terms of named gods, there isn’t much before Mithras. He was in the Vedas. He was also named in the world’s first peace treaty, that of Kadeah, between the Hittites and the Egyptians.

And, in Zoroastrianism, he was the sword arm Ahura Mazda (Lord Wisdom) used again his enemy Angra Mainyu, none other than Ahriman (Aryan-man). (Here’s a near contemporaneous entry on pHant‘s VAM Entity.)

If he sounds like the Archangel Michael, guess who the Christians based St Michael on? Wouldn’t be much of a guess would it.


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Bad bogie derails Kitty Clysm

Yep, as reported on pHantacea on pHacebook a couple of weeks ago the release date for “Cataclysm Catalyst”, the second graphic novel under the Phantacea Revisited byline, has been pushed back rather rudely.

Black and white rendition of Kitty Clysm cover, art by Verne Andru, 2013

Bad Rhad’s at it again in this black and white rendition of the wraparound cover¬† intended for “Phantacea Revisited 2: Cataclysm Catalyst”; artwork by Verne Andru, 2013

It isn’t a total train wreck. It just looks like one.

Output Prieview of failed tiff

PDF of cover tiff showing Output Preview on Acrobat; green indicates unacceptable colour saturation

Screen shot showing levels

Tiff supplied for Cataclysm Catalyst with text and logos removed; levels read fine on Photoshop

Problem seems to be high density colour. And if anyone knows how to correct it, please advise forthwith.

I’m still hopeful it’ll be ready by Beltane Day 2014 (the morning after Walpurgisnacht, the start of Witch Week). That would make it Mayday — the First of May 2014 for those not up on howsoever pagan celebrations.

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