Fat-eared Helios time-tumbles to Glauberg for 101st

The latest Serendipity entry on pH-Webworld (http://www.phantacea.info/seren.htm#glauberg1) finds Helios off the moon and, having typically time-tumbled postmortem, ending up in Celtic Glauberg ca 500 BC.

Collage featuring the Glaubert torc and three panels from pH-4, artwork by Verne Andrusiek, 1979

Unearthed in early to mid 1990s; in Phantacea terms, could be confused with either Harmony’s necklace or the Crimson Corona; artwork from pH-4, Verne Andrusiek, 1979

We now believe this the case because, while he would have time-tumbled elsewhere (else-when) after his 101st death, his friends or followers in that era apparently left behind a wooden statue of him.

It wasn’t dug up until 1990s and, evidently missing its feet, is now on public display at the Glaubergmuseum. (Click here for what appears to be an in situ blowup of Fat-Eared Helios.)

That’s around 15 years after his 1980 exploits, which have been (and will be anew) thoroughly documented in Phantacea comics and web-serials as well as, latterly, full-length novels and (so far) solitary mini-novel (“Janna Fangfingers“).

Clearly he met the Moon Bunny (http://www.phantacea.info/seren.htm#helrabbit1) in his 100th lifetime and, in an effort to win her favour, had his Milady Memory craft him some fat, rabbit ears strangely reminiscent of mistletoe leaves.

Why mistletoe leaves? Well, amorous sort that he is, Helios might have figured that was the best way to get the Moon Bunny to kiss him.

A golden neck torc fashioned ca 500 BC, unearthed in 1990s near Glauberg, Germany; image taken from Web

A golden neck torc fashioned ca 500 BC; unearthed in 1990s near Glauberg, Germany; image taken from Web (http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Glauberg)

As for how the Crimson Corona ended up in Glauberg, either in 500 BC or when it was dug up, more than likely it’s only a golden facsimile. Still, neither its fate nor that of Harmony’s necklace were detailed explicitly at the end of “Goddess Gambit” were they.

Could be they will be come “Helios on the Moon“. Just a matter of patience now until the latter’s released circa Beltane Day 2014.

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Non-perversely putting putti online

Just spotted this — http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Putto. It doesn’t really fall under the category of Serendipitous Sightings or Travels but I’ll put it in both anyhow.

Five covers prepared by Jim McPherson for the Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories trilogy

All three books forming The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories Trilogy have their own web pages.

Here’s a rather lengthy clip (for a blog post) from “Contagion Collectors“, the second mini-novel extracted from “The Thousand Days of Disbelief“.

Plus, he [4-year old Dire] could still hear Drang [his more like waddle-away than runaway dachshund] raising cacophonous Cain, as his father might alliterate, albeit in his own language. But it was already sounding much fainter than it did when it woke him up.

Ergo, his ever faithful, but clearly dumb as they come hound must be dutifully chasing some bogie or another farther and farther away from their familial sanctuary. Dumb as they come wasn’t an insult either. Drang had to be at least that dumb because he’d somehow missed the bogie in his bedroom.

He couldn’t figure out how come he couldn’t see through the spirit. Weren’t spooks always supposed to be transparent? That’s what his dad claimed and his dad never lied, not even when he was making things up for story time. Then again, how was the boy to know there was noth­­ing of the spirit world about the evidently non-nightmarish creature flitting about his room fetching his boots and warmest clothing, the one who’d been sitting on his chest sucking in his breath when the increasingly distant barking first roused him?

His sort were earthborn; hence mainly earthen if not precisely earth-made. They didn’t have souls; which strictly speaking was a prerequisite for being a spirit. He did have a mind, though – unless, being soulless, he was more correctly referred to as ‘it’. Regardless of semantics, if the word ‘spirit’ could be defined as the melding of a mind with a soul, then having a mind was the other requirement. A mind and, a body to go with it, definitely made him, at the minimum, possib­ly chthonic. A pair of wings contributed to make him specifically chthonic.

The pudgy putto, as demonologists identified his aberrant species, looked a lot youn­g­er than he did. If it weren’t for the spiffy, embroidered outfit, dinky shoulder-wings and receding hairline, what almost contrarily made him look nearly as old as the boy’s Hungarian-born goldsmith of a father, he’d have thought he was a baby angel.

“Get dressed, kiddo,” the green-eyed, no doubt ne’er-do-well bird-brat demanded, as he passed him his stuff. “Your fiddlehead doc­tors may diagnose your condition dire, but it sniffs to me that you’ll get better soon. That means we’ve got to hurry. Otherwise we’ll waste all that good contagion.”

As semi-sort of noted here, Contagion’s putto was at least partially inspired by Albrecht Durer’s Melancholia. He’s wearing clothes, though. He’s also possessed by Sinistral Envy, who became the Prime Sinistral of Satanwyck after Contagion’s time.

[NOTE: the sequence is set in Nuremberg, specifically within the publicly accessible area outside the Kaiser’s great hall. I’ve been there, albeit clearly not in the 15th Century. It’s not far from the Sinwell Tower, its original keep. (As noted in Contagion, ‘Sinwell’ meant round or around in High German, not ‘sin well’, let alone good, in any other language including Sedon Speak.)]

I’ve seen Durer’s Melancholia in a couple of places on my travels. Rather, I’ve seen prints of it, as it’s a woodcut. A more famous, make that notorious, putto is Brussels’ oddly beloved Manneken Pis.

I’ve seen him, too. And his sister, Jeanneke Pis — who’s not quite so bold, hiding as she does not far away, in a darkened alley near a sign for Delirium Tremens pink elephant. Neither of them have wings, though.

The Visit Brussels website describes Manneken and Jeanneke as playmates rather than brother and sister. And, yes, it shows Manneken mostly clothed. Probably to avoid lawsuits and/or the online porn police.

Just to add an element of, what, disgust (maybe, especially if you’re not Belgian), the website notes:

On special occasions, brass-bands would play and Manneken Pis would be hooked up to different flavours of Belgian beer, which is poured from his fountain tip and given out to the public.

I’ll leave it to you to determine what it means by ‘fountain tip’.



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Warning: Nuclear Dragons Giveaways not sent in lead-lined envelopes

Got this today:

This is a reminder that your [Goodreads] giveaway has ended. Winners have been notified that they have won, and expect to receive their book within 6-8 weeks.

Nuclear Dragons
83 people entered.
5 people won.

Rest assured, your prizes are in the mail, albeit in regular envelopes. Shouldn’t need to test with Geiger counter before opening, though.

Front Cover Ad for "Nuclear Dragons", art by Ian Bateson, 2013, text and ad preparation by Jim McPherson, 2013

Front Cover Ad for “Nuclear Dragons”, art by Ian Bateson, 2013, text and ad preparation by Jim McPherson, 2013

Goodreads further advised:

Please refrain from contacting the winners via private message, as it may risk your account getting marked as spam.

If you have any questions or issues with the giveaway, please contact us at support@goodreads.com. There is no need to respond to this message.

Thanks for being part of the Goodreads community!

And thanks to the 83 good readers who entered the giveaway contest as well as the 37 who have added “Nuclear Dragons” to their want-to-read list. Might I suggest reserving it at your local library as your next step towards realizing that goal.

If yours doesn’t carry Dragons, it’s easy enough to order. BTW, right here’s a good place to write what you thought or think about the novel.

Feeling Theocidal, The War of the Apocalyptics, The 1000 Days of Disbelief, Goddess Gambit and Nuclear Dragons

Book covers for five Phantacea Mythos novels; note: “The Thousand Days of Disbelief” came out as three mini-novels

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