What’s a track back — and why are folks plaguing me with them?

Don’t know how they’re doing it but folks are posting on site using something called track backs. Funnily enough, albeit sadly for them, if only because of spam attack endured last winter, I won’t open floodgates by approving any of them.

All the more so since I doubt pHantaBlog readers are interested in “fake lime bags”. Then again, perhaps that’ll google up. If so, you know who are sort of wins.

Please register before seeking to post. Promise I won’t bombard you with pHant-verts like this one:

Interactive P-Card for D-Brig

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Tick-tock doc for DB’s TOC — Cover and Table of Contents listing all of Phantacea Revisited’s artistic contributors

Rather than type them out, I thought I’d just supply another PDF. Front cover on one side, TOC on reverse. Downloadable, too, though ask me nowhere near as interesting as Mythos Mag, which I’ve added to page just in case you missed it back in November.

For some reason the front cover half of the Tick-TOC Doc (as in document) would rather open with Acrobat than with a regular browser. Of course that might just be my regular browser.

D-Brig’s Cover & Interior Contributors

Mythos Mag 1996/2012

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