As I’ve been suspecting for some time now ComiXpress, a well-known POD publisher in the States that specialized in comic books and graphic novels, is no longer around.

There’s no explanation for its Xtinction, as it were, other than its principals felt it time to move on. That being the case, more power to them. Buena fortuna.

The announcement is on its homepage ( as well as here, though I’ve no idea for how long.

As for where that leaves Phantacea Publications, more specifically its latest graphic novel, “Phantacea Revisited 1: The Damnation Brigade“, well, the work’s done and there are always other POD printers. Might even be ones who automatically place product online.

In the meantime, have another pHree-dee-eff:

Gambit P-card

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Phantacea Phree Reads

As per my ever-so-mysterious correspondent blog_me, I did miss listing a few pHree-Bees here.

At the bottom of every Phantacea Publications web page (, as well as at the bottom of most of the web pages making up pH-Webworld (, there are lynx to web pages where from you can buy the books or download the e-books on the Kindle format.

You can now click on those lynx and, once you reach where you’re going, you can look inside any of the books that say you can. (For example, here and here.)

As of today you also google up most of the Phantacea Publications books by title on, yes, Google Books and do the same. For example, the link for “The War of the Apocalyptics” is here.

Coming as soon as I get to it, I’ll put lynx to the read-for-free Google Books page for each of the Phantacea Mythos print publications currently available from Phantacea Publications on their dedicated web pages.

Of course you could go ahead and order them directly from the publisher as per here. (Certified cheques and/or money orders only, please include shipping cost listed on order form.)

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Sandoval Sighting

It happened again, this time at the Vancouver Comicon on Sunday 19 May. (See McPhersonal Appearances for May here.)

Helios on the Moon, front cover of Phantacea Three, art by Richard Sandoval, 1978

Artwork from the Helios on the Moon side of pH-3, which was a flip book; Richard Sandoval, 1978

Jim McPherson writes:


So here I am behind the Phantacea Publications table watching attendees at the latest comicon flip through all the big white boxes full of Marvels and DC comics instead stopping by to have a boo and a spiel from eminently more interesting me.


This fellow comes by, along with a couple of friends. Might be about my age, maybe younger, certainly slimmer. Says something to the effect of “I once worked for a ‘Fantastica’ or some such.”


I look at him. He’s staring hard at the Damnation Brigade flip cover for pH-3, which is here. I say something like: “Could it have been Phantacea?” and flip it over. He gasps: “Yep, that’s me!”

Helios on the Moon - comic book cover; art by Richard Sandoval 1978

Helios on the Moon – comic book cover; art by Richard Sandoval 1978

It was Richard (Ricardo) Sandoval. Thirty-five years ago (gasp!) he did half of the Helios on the Moon sequence and the front cover for the comic.


And, yes, he did sign a page in the comic he was looking at for me. Gave him a different copy as keepsake. (Still got some left, as per here.)


I recollect looking for him years and years ago when I was considering putting out pH-7 despite losing the anticipated artist to that aforementioned Marvel of a devil, unless it’s devil of a Marvel. No luck. Still no pH-7 either.


So where’s he been, back to Chile maybe? Moving around, he tells me, working in the movie business, which is big in BC.


More to the point, where’s his website? I’ll leave that to him to detail as he pleases.


Does make me wonder who I’ll run into next.

Maybe it’ll be you!


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What’s a track back — and why are folks plaguing me with them?

Don’t know how they’re doing it but folks are posting on site using something called track backs. Funnily enough, albeit sadly for them, if only because of spam attack endured last winter, I won’t open floodgates by approving any of them.

All the more so since I doubt pHantaBlog readers are interested in “fake lime bags”. Then again, perhaps that’ll google up. If so, you know who are sort of wins.

Please register before seeking to post. Promise I won’t bombard you with pHant-verts like this one:

Interactive P-Card for D-Brig

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Tick-tock doc for DB’s TOC — Cover and Table of Contents listing all of Phantacea Revisited’s artistic contributors

Rather than type them out, I thought I’d just supply another PDF. Front cover on one side, TOC on reverse. Downloadable, too, though ask me nowhere near as interesting as Mythos Mag, which I’ve added to page just in case you missed it back in November.

For some reason the front cover half of the Tick-TOC Doc (as in document) would rather open with Acrobat than with a regular browser. Of course that might just be my regular browser.

D-Brig’s Cover & Interior Contributors

Mythos Mag 1996/2012

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2013 Price List from Phantacea Publications

Here’s what available from Phantacea Publications as of mid May 2013.

Phantacea Publications Price List 2013

The ordering page is here: Still no Pay Pal so certified cheques or money orders only please. McPhersonal Appearances are strictly cash and carry. Bring your own bad.

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McPhersonal Appearances – May 2013

Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, as featured throughout pH-Webworld, will be at the Phantacea Publications table from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. this coming Sunday at the Vancouver Comic Con (

It’s at Heritage Hall, 15th and Main in, as one might expect, Vancouver.

VanComicon_2013-may_flyer, taken from the Web

Jim McPherson will be at the Phantacea Publications table from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday 19 May

Come by, say hello, share some stories and bring bucks. He’ll have "Phantacea Revisited #1: The Damnation Brigade", the latest graphic novel released by Phantacea Publications ( with him, along with all the usual suspects, for sale.

Should a table come available Phantacea Publications may also be at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival the following weekend:

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Vancouver Fan Expo 20-21 April 2013

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Van Expo much bigger than last year. Much better attended on Sunday, too. Met some interesting folks and got all sorts of promises along lines of ‘let me go get some cash’ or ‘see you Sunday’ or, ‘hey, I’ve got a small apartment so I’ll buy the e-books online’ etc.

Unfortunately, books are a hard sell. (Saw only two other tables selling novels but may have missed some.) Guess that isn’t particularly surprising as Fan Expo is (nominally) more about comics and worshipping at the shrine of celebrity than anything else.

Did get tired of folks telling me that ‘no one reads anymore anyhow’, as if they’re proud of it or ‘reading just isn’t cool’ (presumably when compared to video games or watching TV or U-Tube). Did mention that the Phantacea Publications e-books on the Kindle format talk. No need to read anything, just listen.

Too bad I didn’t have the pHRev1-DB graphic novel to sell since I probably sold more comics than books, at least numerically. Have to load up more of same next time. Put it down to self-promotion and book me a table for next year as it’s apparently going to three days. JMcP

picture of Jim McPherson, taken at Van Expo 2013 by Ed Healy

Somebody likes the Mighty Eye-Mouth in the Sky; photo by Ed Healy of

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The Damnation Brigade graphic novel is now available from Phantacea Publications

PRESS RELEASE                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The entire Damnation Brigade storyline compiled at long last

VANCOUVER, BC: Phantacea Publications is delighted to announce the release of its second full-length graphic novel: “Phantacea Revisited 1: The Damnation Brigade”.

A rip-roaring outburst of creativity featuring Jim McPherson’s taut storytelling and spectacular artwork gleaned from the pages of Phantacea 1-5 (1977-1980), Phantacea Phase One #1 (1987) and #2 (unpublished), it presents the stirring saga of extraterrestrial Shining Ones and the doomed but unyielding Damnation Brigade.

Anheroic Fantasy Illustrated, with a wraparound cover by Phantacea’s master colourist Ian Bateson and 120 pages of interior artwork in glorious black and white by a wide variety of exceptional artists often at the very beginning of their careers, the two-part Phantacea Revisited series reveals how Jim McPherson’s ongoing Phantacea Mythos really got underway.

Artists featured in the graphic novel include Dave Sim (from just before he began to publish Cerebus the Aardvark), the aforementioned Ian Bateson, Verne Andru (creator of ‘420’), Vince Marchesano, various Day brothers and George Freeman (‘Captain Canuck’). Ordering information is here.

Covers for Phantacea Revisited 1: The Damnation Brigade

Graphic novel compiles the complete Damnation Brigade story sequence from pH 1-5 as well as pHz1 #s 1 & 2; for more on the Phantacea comics hit here:

For more information contact:

Phantacea Publications
James H McPherson, Publisher
74689 Kitsilano RPO,
2768 West Broadway, Vancouver BC, V6K 4P4

Primary website:
Order directly from the publisher:


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