This should knock them dead in Atlantis — Clothing Sea Goddess

It certainly will knock them dead in Atlantis. Except they’re already dead in Atlantis — dead and drowned and turned into … hagfish.

Huh? All right I made that last bit up but consider first the source.

Ian Bateson artwork circa 1979 for pH-4, modified by Jim McPherson, 2013 4sea_hagfish

Page excepted from pHRv1:DB; Sea Goddess finds something more suitable to wear after 25 years in Limbo

Now consider this from BBC’s online magazine:

Hagfish slime: The clothing of the future?


Shot of someone holding up translucent slime from a hagfish from an article in BBC Magazine 1 April 2013 (

By Anna Rothschild PRI’s The World, Ontario, Canada

The jawless, spineless hagfish is a primitive creature that lives at the bottom of the ocean and dates back as far as 500 million years – but it exudes a very special slime, which could provide the clothing of the future.

,,, Scientists believe hagfish slime or similar proteins could be turned into tights or breathable athletic wear, or even bullet-proof vests.

Shot of a woman holding up hagfish with translucent slime, taken from BBC Magazine online 1 April 2013

Shot of a woman holding up hagfish with translucent slime from BBC Magazine 1 April 2013 (

There might need to be a little re-branding first though.

“Hagfish – it would probably scare people off a little bit!” laughs Tim Winegard.

“I think the name might be a bit of a deterrent,” he says. Not to mention the word “slime”.

But one day this ancient slime from the depths of the ocean could be woven into the very shirt on your back.

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