Make that Merry Mithramas from now on

Top of the Solstice Season to y’all, ye old pHant-pHaithful most especial.

I usually say that, or Merry Mithramas, instead of Merry Christmas mostly because I know Christmas wasn’t established as the date for Christ’s nativity until sometime after Constantine I legitimized Christianity in the Fourth Century A.D.

Now the Pope agrees with me.

Don’t say “Huh?!?”. Read this instead:

‘The idea that Christ was born on Dec 25 also has no basis in historical fact. “We don’t even know which season he was born in. The whole idea of celebrating his birth during the darkest part of the year is probably linked to pagan traditions and the winter solstice.”‘

Statement taken from an article in the Telegraph written by Rick Squires. The quotation is from “Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives”. Its author is Pope Benedict. The article is online here:

The pagan tradition referred to is Saturnalia. The god honoured was Mithras, whom the Roman Soldiery worshipped for centuries. They sometimes referred to him as Sol Invictus and of course Saturn was Kronos was Mithras.

As for what become of him …

E-book cover for "Feeling Theocidal", artwork by Verne Andru, 2008

E-book cover for “Feeling Theocidal”, artwork by Verne Andru, 2008

For a decidedly Phantacea-slant on this, order your copy of “Feeling Theocidal” in either print or any number of e-book formats today. Here’s the link:


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E-versions of “Goddess Gambit” available through Amazon websites worldwide

Amazon websites worldwide now carry e-versions of “Goddess Gambit”. That means you can download Gambit for Kindle Fire, I-Pads, I-Phone and earlier versions of Kindle for the first time. One ordering link is here:

I expect e-versions of Gambit in other formats will become available early in New Year. Watch this space for announcements.

E-book cover for Goddess Gambit, artwork by Verne Andru

E-book cover for “Goddess Gambit” — ISBN 978-0-9878683-3-6

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Not just extraterrestrial technology anymore

For those of you pHaithful pHans of Phantacea, ones who followed pHant serials years ago on what’s now but was Phantacea on the Web (pH-Webworld then as now), here’s a link to a story entitled “3D Printers make guns”. I spotted it the other day on p B4 of the Vancouver Sun, December 22, 2012:

Scary stuff, I grant you. However, does this or does this not remind you of the ending to “The Weirdness of Cabalarkon”? Does me, hence why it qualifies as a Serendipitous Sighting. (For many more, click here.)

BTW, Weird’s ending is not revealed in its synopses ( but I might as well remind (or tell) you that it involves efforts made by 5980’s Master of Weir to replicate, um, something using the Weirdom’s 6000 year old reconstruction of Old Weir’s Mother Machine.

Painting of a Mayan warrior reminiscent of John Sundown, shot by Jim McPherson in Merida Mexico ca 1999

Mayan Warrior, with Spear,

I’ve used this shot to represent Blind Sundown for years. The artist is Fernando Castro Pacheco (January 26, 1918 – ). The artwork is in the Governor’s Palace in Merida, Mexico. The hall where I shot it is open to the public.  It should be a must-see for anyone who visits Merida. (Uxmal is kind of neat as well.)

I believe Pacheco himself still lives in Merida. Google him up; impressive stuff. One link is here: But there are better ones.


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Link to Self Publisher Magazine

There’s a free download of Self-Publisher Magazine here:
It’s comic book oriented but has an interesting article on POD Publishing.

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Have become curious about crowd funding (sometimes spelled with a hyphen, sometimes as one word). The Georgia Straight article on it is here: What particularly interests me is the notion of securing pre-orders.

I’ve what’s beginning to look like three potential novels or moderately lengthy mini-novels on file. They were intended to conclude the Launch 1980 story cycle but, given how much they overlap, it’ll take some time to get them right — as in complete unto themselves. Or, and this is my current thinking, I could release them as originally written — as simultaneous web-serials eventually coming all together as one, really long unit.

Phantacea Publications business card

Phantacea Publications business card, copy and pass on, por favor

Which would be better? And should I try my hand a crowd-funding to see which alternative attracts more interest? Anybody out there in pHantaBlog land tried it? Got any advice, comments, suggestions?

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pHRv1:DB Delayed

covers for Damnation Brigade graphic novel

Front and back covers for the upcoming Damnation Brigade graphic novel; artwork by Ian Bateson, 2012; touch-up by Chris Chuckry, 2012; prepared by Jim McPherson, 2013

Sorry to say “The Damnation Brigade” graphic novel has been delayed yet again. The good news is the cover’s done, with adjustments, whereas the innards are thoroughly cleaned and ready for prime time. Unfortunately, deciding how best to print it remains conundrum-inducing,

Would prefer to release it in typical size for graphic novels, roughly 10 1/4 by 6 1/2, but cost estimates coming in at over $5.00 per book. And that doesn’t allow me to keep retail price under $12.00 a book, not if I’m to make anything myself it doesn’t.

Alternative of going the 6×9 trade paperback route (like the regular, all-prose novels and mini-novels) would lower per book price considerably but it just wouldn’t look right. Any thoughts?

Stay tuned for decision.


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