War-Pox finally available on Kindle

E-versions of “The War of the Apocalyptics” have been available on a number of formats for a while now. However, because of, to me, highly frustrating technical glitches, it never got as far as amazon.com, not to mention any of the other amazons worldwide. Has now, though, which means it’s simultaneously available for download on Kindle Fire, I-Pad and I-Phone for the first time.

Cover for E-Versions of "The War of the Apocalyptics", artwork by Ian Bateson

At $7.00 per download it’s about 1/2 the price of the print version. This I consider a tragedy as I like turning pages. I also prefer paper cuts to electrocution but who am I to argue with progress?

Click here to go to War-Pox’s main page. Click here to go to lynx from the novel.

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The Disappearing Island — Could it be akin to Aegean Trigon?

As per here, according to the BBC online it has only recently been discovered that Sandy Island does not exist:

The supposedly sizeable strip of land, named Sandy Island on Google maps, was positioned midway between Australia and French-governed New Caledonia.

But when scientists from the University of Sydney went to the area, they found only the blue ocean of the Coral Sea.

The phantom island has featured in publications for at least a decade.

Until 1968 the tri-peaked Aegean Island of Trigon was shown on plenty of maps, too. Had been since roughly 1500 BCE. Click here for more on Aegean Trigon.

Note also: There’s a phantom freighter in “Nuclear Dragons”, a mini-novel due out in 2013 from Phantacea Publications.

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Mythos Mag 2006 (minutely updated for 2012 relevance)

A variation of the first PDF prepared for Phantacea Publications can now be downloaded. Click here to get a version containing updated 2012 lynx. Good luck locating the original.

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Phantacea Lynx

There are so many lynx on the Phantacea Publications (www.phantacea.com) and the Phantacea Mythos online (www,phantacea.info) websites that it’s better to use either the search engines at the top of their web pages or go to their main menus.

The one for Phantacea Publications is here whereas the one for pH-Webworld, as I most often refer to dot.info, is here. pH-Webworld also has a features page that provides even more lynx than its menu page. It’s here.

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