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Pinning, though, is another matter altogether, as per this comparatively recent post on pHantacea on pHaceBook.

Skip graphic to get transposed info on images pinned to pHant’s Pinterest pages over past few months.

There’s also this, added a couple of days later:
Here’s all of the followup text; :

Mog Mob is a term rediscovered while rereading “The Vampire Variations“, the last web-serial ever posted on pH-Webworld. Some of the synopses remain online  but none of the story sequences do.

As for Mog Mob, it does not refer to a gang of cats. It refers to Circe Switchers (shape-shifters, face-dancers). The ‘mog’ comes from transmogrify.

Pin entitled Crows, pin taken from web

Although the pic is entitled Crow, for pHant purposes it’s the Hecate-Hellion’s Morrigan, one of whom was Mystery Might

The story itself is (mostly) set on Apple Isle in 5938 Year of the Dome. Our heroes are SOS: the Society of Saints. There must be close to 30 of them, they all appear in the Heliodyssey sequences, and even more turn up in the two Variations serials.

<== Despite the pHaceBook caption copied here, after further reading of original serial, am convinced it’s of Manitoulin, the Cheyenne Shaman who brought up Sedon St Synne and his eventual wife Louise born Riel then, after the Simultaneous Summonings of 19/5920, John ‘Blind‘ Sundown and his eventual wife, twice over, Solace ‘Sorciere‘ Sunrise.

Graphic entitle Morrigu, hit top link for more on artist, pin taken from Phantacea on Pinterest

Here’s another Morrigan. Actually called Morrigu, the link references her and her Battle God sisters Badb and Macha. PHANTACEA variations of all three play parts in “The Vampire Variations” web-serial. From the Sixth Brood or Litter of Thrygragos Lazareme, they register in pH-Webworld‘s Search Engine as both Morrigu and Battle Goddesses

==> The other Morrigan-type captioned on this graphic, actually entitled ‘Morrigu’, could also be a reference to the way Valkyries communicate with crows, particularly during “Feeling Theocidal” (Feel Theo), Book One of The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories fantasy epic put out by Phantacea Publications between 2008 and 2012.

Speaking of Feel Theo, the titular Theo is Thrygragos Varuna Mithras. He doesn’t actually feel like killing himself. Rather, he’s fully prepared to kill his Great God brothers, Thrygragos Byron and Thrygragos Lazareme, if they don’t bow down and submit to his primacy on the Hidden Headworld.

Funnily enough — make that not funnily enough for far too many characters in the book — they aren’t.

A painting by Arthur Knapp entitled 'Boundless Time'

The link goes here. It’s just a shot of Augustus Knapp’s painting, though the reference should be to Manly P Hall’s “Secret Teachings Of All Ages“, the extremely handsome book for which Knapp produced it. pHanta-pHans would be more interested in who it inspired” Djinn Domitian, Mithras’s Trumpeter. See Note 4 for a different link and one that takes you here re “Hidden Headgames“.

<== He has his allies, however. One of them is his herald, his Trumpeter, Djinn Domitian. The leontocephalic Heliodromus of Mithras, which also makes him his messenger or angel.

Devils tend to call him the Masochist. Which is apt given he’s one of those ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ types who often seems to get shot. (Good thing he’s immortal.) Or badly beat up.

Selcuk's Eyeball in Hands

For what it’s worth, pin-link, attributed to Selcuk, goes here. Most devils (Master Devas) in the Phantacea Mythos have a third eye. There are a couple of cyclopes, though. Two of them (Trawl the Taskmaster and Viceroy Ibal) appear or are mentioned in “Hidden Headgames“. Baaloch Hellblob, Sinistral Sloth of Satanwyck, wields Pandemonium’s former Grand Vizier’s Evil Eye.

In Feel Theo it’s the Moloch Sedon himself who provides the biggest beating. In “Hidden Headgames” (Games), well, we aren’t told explicitly, not at first, only that, as the Scarlet Sorceress (Methandra Thanatos) put it to the Forgettable Fiend (Smiler), he “… looks like something a snow tiger would drag in after a polar bear was finished with it.” 

==> Games also provides us with our first extended visit to Satanwyck (Hell on Earth, Sedon’s Temple) since “Janna Fangfingers“, who (the character, not the title) also appears in The Vampire Variations” (Vam-Var).

It’s been the realm of Sinistral Sloth (Baaloch Hellblob) since the French Revolution. (As also per Vam-Var, some of the ramifications of just that, the French Revolution, make their way to Temporis as well.)

A Lilith-like figure taken from Web; no further information on site

Primeval Lilith, called Lich Lilith in The Vampire Variations“, which was mostly written in the late 1990s, is another famously fantastical character adopted and adapted through the decades of Phantacea Publications. Some lynx go from here; others from here. Her main entry is here. As for this pin, it goes here, though doesn’t bother telling you who produced it. Oddly, neither does it google.

Its capital city is Pandemonium, a word that can be translated as “the domain of all demons” (also daemons in not just the Phantacea Mythos). Since 1990’s graphic novel, “Forever & 40 Days — the Genesis of PHANTACEA” (4ever), its acknowledged ruler has been Dark Sedon himself.

<== However, long prior to Sedon taking it over on pHant‘s version of Ragnarok, it had a king and a queen. Their traditional names are the same as their Phantacea names: Daemonicus and Lilith. Lynx to much more on them are here.

In Games, one of them doesn’t want to accept their days of ruling from the Highchair of Hell are over. (Actually, in Games, there seems to be only one Highchair left.). Needless to say Hellblob doesn’t see it that way.

The two sides of Demon Queen Lilith, seductress and monster

Version of the Demon Queen Lilith apparently photo-shopped by someone named Cantas. It seems to capture her dual nature fay-fairy-fairly accurately. After Miracle Memory’s extensive story-telling re her in “Helios on the Moon“, pHant‘s lovely but lethal Lily is currently coming into her own during the opening entries of Phantacea Phase Two: namely, “Decimation Damnation” and “Hidden Headgames“.

==> Nevertheless, when he encounters what’s become of the other daemonic royal, he (Sinistral Sloth) doesn’t have any problem acknowledging that, properly speaking, it doesn’t belongs to him. Hmm:

“A mass of darkness had congealed on the Highchair of Hell. Darkness had form, a very dark form but clearly – ha, ha – humanoid. Darkness had a pink face and three eyes. With six pink fingers, each of them too long by at least a joint, Darkness had been playing a set of panpipes. Darkness ceased playing them. Darkness smiled.

Louis the 14th of France, possibly with a Trinondev eye-stave; image spotted on Web

Clearly this pin is suggestive of not just the Sun King, Louis XIV of Versailles, France, but of Herr Hel Helios, the Male Entity, who has been in Phantacea Publications since its beginnings in 1977. He even had a book named after him. Indeed, the entire series of web-serials set in 19/5938 are entitled “Heliodyssey“. Note the staff he’s holding. Very reminiscent of an eye-stave.

“A couple of seconds passed before he realized Darkness had far more right to sit there than he ever did; that in fact the Highchair of Hell belonged to him, always had. Whereupon, in what had been his throne room for nearly three centuries, the Prime Sinistral of Satanwyck went to his knees, laid the Evil Eye on the floor between them and scuttled backwards even more cravenly until it was safely out of his reach.”

<== Just as light is the opposite of dark, in many respects Heliosophos is the opposite of the Moloch Sedon.

That he, in the Fifth Lifetime, helped create the All-Father of Devazurkind, whom he quickly came to believe was the Devil Himself, and has been trying to exterminate him ever since, provides one of the eternal hooks of the Phantacea Mythos.

Witch Queen Hecate as the Triple Goddess, unaccredited image taken from Web

Witch Queen Hecate as the Triple Goddess inspired pHant‘s demon-loving Hecate Hellions. Their “Mother Superior” has throughout the centuries been known as The Morrigan. The first named Hecate appeared in “Feeling Theocidal“. A number are listed and described here. Lots of little eyes in this pin but no information on who did it (Jo Freyr?)

==> Sedon is hardly Helios’s only eternal enemy. Even though Master Devas (pHant‘s devils) can humanize his forever companion, for good or ill, Miracle Memory, he’s never been too pleased with Sed’s equally immortal, devazur descendants either.

Demons can also at least partially animate the Female Entity, who’s otherwise mostly computer, though she often seems more leaden when she only has hold of one of them. Indeed as far back as when he was Alorus Ptah, the second biblical Adam, he had Memory build the twin Sphinxes, Andy and Ginny, to confine demons, not devils.

Aspects of this story were told in both 4ever and Feel Theo. It was in the latter that we met the first named Hecate as well as witnessed how Lethal Lily’s Daemonicus escaped from a frolicking Gynosphinx.

Did so rather smellily to say the least. Which was how we met that Hecate, who just happened to be occupied by Future Harmony (much later Freespirit Nihila) at the time;

Ginny paused, dropped a load. Trailing behind them, beside him, the witch [Hecate] with him [Thrygragos Lazareme] pooper-scooped it up.

A live model Medusa, pinned fromg the Web

pHant’s got plenty of Medusas. There’s a feature on them, with plenty more lynx, here. The pin itself takes you to here. Doesn’t tell you who prepared it, though.

“It’s the wrong one, the king not the queen.” Hecate growled, in her own snarl. His firstborn already back inside her, she bared a breast anyhow; let the little shit suckle.
“He’ll have to do.”
“My daughter?”
“I’ll keep her. You want her back; it may cost you your entire expeditionary team. Then again it may not.”

Hirst's Medusa scanned in from a postcard bought at 'Unbelievable' exhibit, September 2017

Damien Hirst’s Medusa, spotted and shot in Venice, September 2017, According to the brochure, among the fourteen venomous serpents represented are the African rock python, horned viper and coral snake

“Hey,” Mother Nature’s manure-man, momentarily detaching its lips from Hecate’s left nipple, demanded to know: “Where was I?”
“In heaven, honey,” Hecate responded.

<==> Also in Feel Theo, and also coming out of Ginny the Gynosphinx, by then calling herself All the Invincible She-Sphinx of Incain, was also the first time in non-comic book form that we met Mater Matare, aka the Medusa, the Apocalyptic of Death.

Which seems as good a place as any to leave off this pHantaBlog.

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Zmas Day … Seasonal Sharing

Tis the season …

Here’s the rest of it:

For everyone who came by the Phantacea Publications table at Van Expo last weekend and expressed disappointment that we weren’t taking debit or credit cards, here’s the link you wanted: The automated lynx to order encrypted PDFs are built into the table proper: As per usual the email link will require verification that you’re human, but that doesn’t take more than a few seconds.

Unfortunately there’s no way to order anything with just a single click. However, there are other lynx at the bottom of every page that have that capacity. Plus, Phantacea Publications’ distribution system should work anywhere in the world. Just ask your local bookseller to call up the book by title and/or author. Won’t be able to order autographed copies anywhere else, though. Details of postage costs will come by return email within a day or two.

Oh, and this is the link to the actual eye in the sky:

What season, you might ask? At which point I might answer, well, in “Decimation Damnation” it was called Zmas Day. Might also share this:

Serendipitously enough, they were speaking about shape-shifting on Tempo (CBC Radio 2)  just as I was about to type … Plus this:

Want more? Happy to share this, too

Screen shot ordering lynx taken from

Tricky way of demonstrating fact that pH-Webworld‘s been updated for Sharing Season 2017

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Croatian Covers 4 Hidden Headgames

So why’s the fact it’s raining in Dubrovnik, after ferocious thunder storms last night and more in forecast, make us happy Jim McPherson, the creator/writer of the Phantacea Mythos, carted his Mini-Mac with him while on a ‘not writing, traveling’ sabbatical?

Backcover for "Hidden Headgames"

Headgames back cover pieced together on a rainy day in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Because we get this for pHantaBlog. Too bad his mini-mac didn’t have the right font on it or all the links for background images. Means print version won’t be identical but it’ll be close.

Text probably won’t be changing. It’ll just fit together better:

The creator of the Phantacea Mythos presents three intertwined novellas leading up to and into “Wilderwitch’s Babies”

Set entirely on the Inner Earth of Sedon’s Head, ‘Hidden Headgames’ tells untold tales of a wide swath of characters who came to feature in “The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories” and “Launch 1980” epic fantasies.

Who was behind Crystallion, Hell’s Horsemen and their Nuclear Dragons? How could the Dual Entities survive ‘Helios on the Moon’? What became of Cosmicar 6?

Vignettes, verisimilitudes and at least one vampire setting up and carrying on “Phantacea Phase Two”

Full Cover Mockup for "Hidden Headgames", prepared by Jim McPherson, 2017,

Full Cover Mockup for “Hidden Headgames”; proper font and background images to be added prior to publication


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Finally, a front cover option for Hidden Headgames

Mock up done on Photoshop of potential front cover for "Hidden Headgames", cover collaage prepared by Jim McPherson, 2017

Mock up done on Photoshop of potential front cover for “Hidden Headgames”

Black and white version of Potential Front Cover for Hidden Headgames. prepared by Jim McPherson, 2017

Black and white version of potential front cover for “Hidden Headgames”

Took awhile to get to it, took even longer to get a presentable version of same, but here goes. Comments welcome at bottom.

As for the images that went into the cover collage, once again the background is of the Borealis Brolly spotted online and shot in Finland by Tina Tormanen,

It paired up nicely with another photo of the Northern Lights, this one shot in Iceland by Tom Mackie in 2014. The former was taken from the Web whereas the latter was scanned in from the May 2015 issue of Fortean Times.

Photograph by Tom Mackie in Iceland, 2014, scanned in from the May 2015 issue of Fortean Times; Nihila artwork by Verne Andru, 2012; banner prepared by Jim McPherson, 2015

Photograph by Tom Mackie in Iceland, 2014, scanned in from the May 2015 issue of Fortean Times; Nihila artwork by Verne Andru, 2012; banner prepared by Jim McPherson, 2015

Northern lights with distinctive umbrella shape; photo attributed to Tina Tormanen, taken from Web

From Tina Tormanen’s “Magical Photos” as spotted on the web

The main reference is to a sequence that first appeared at the end of 2012’s “Goddess Gambit“. It reappeared, and indeed carried on, in 2014’s “Helios on the Moon“. It’s back in “Hidden Headworld”, albeit this time (at least at first) from Fisherwoman’s perspective after Freespirit Nihila jettisoned her.

The female figure representing the fused duo was spotted online. It was taken at the 2015 Burning Man festival held in Death’s Valley toward the end of August every year. (At least I assume it’s still being held.) Not sure who took it, but  assume the original was entitled “The Burning Woman”.

Graphic entitled Nihila Nereid -- Borealis Brolly, prepared on Photoshop by Jim McPherson, 2017 using images taken from the Web

At the end of 2012’s “Goddess Gambit“, Freespirit Nihila took over Fisherwoman for awhile. This act of desperation came into play again during 2014’s “Helios on the Moon“. In “Hidden Headgames” we pick on their stories after they separate.

Hieronymus Bosch's Prince of Hell from the Garden of Earthly Delights

Hieronymus Bosch apparently visited Satanwyck (Sedon’s Temple) towards the end of the Headworld’s Fifty-Fifth Century. In terms of the Phantacea Mythos, this is his version of its Prime Sinistral or a surrogate sitting on the Highchair of Hell

Added a gradient to her and doubled the borealis brollies surrounding her for the text version of this collage. As for the Bosch, it’s from the Garden of Earthly Delights. It currently resides in Madrid’s Prado Museum, though it might have moved by the time you read this.

One might recall that a young man called Bosco was one of the dreadfully contagious Outer Earthlings collected during the course of “Contagion Collectors“, the second mini-novel extracted from “The 1000 Days of Disbelief“.

Apparently he visited Sedon’s Temple (Satanwyck, Hell on Earth) while he was on the Inner Earth in his mid-twenties.

The Drumheller (Alberta) T-Rex, image taken from Web

T Rex shot in Alberta’s Drumheller Bad Lands. Might be an Albertasaurus. Representative of Saurlord Klizarod Rex of Sedon’s Head’s Lake Lands, part of his left eyebrow, area sometimes called Sedon’s Sweat Glands for fay-fairly-silly reason

Highly venomous serpent with wide open mouth, image taken from Web

Wide-mouth, highly venomous serpent used, in terms of the Phantacea Mythos, to represent Daemonicus-Smiler, the Forgettable Fiend

Evidently a bird demon was occupying the Highchair of Hell at the time. Chronologically speaking, that  probably makes her Sinistral Lust (Beguiling Belialma) or one of her lackeys.

She was certainly a playful shape-shifter in her time, some of which was highlighted during the course of The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories epic trilogy. Was way beyond it, too.

As the saying often heard during the open-ended saga of “Wilderwitch’s Babies” goes, in September 1953 Lady Lust came to town (Vancouver Canada), leaving Mother Maternity behind.

As per all of the above, one therefore has to allow Bosco some degree of leeway in his depiction of her. Ordinarily Hell’s Belle was much more appealing to behold. Just ask Abe Chaos (Unholy Abaddon) and his father, the Great God Everyman (Thrygragos Lazareme), about that.

If you can find them, that is. Which, come to think of it, you probably wouldn’t want to do.

Caldera of the Kilauea volcano, image taken from Web

The lava lake filling the caldera of Sedon’s Peak is mostly made up of molten Brainrock. Anvil the Artificer uses it to make devic power foci like the Trigregos Talismans

Even though neither the Drumheller (Alberta) Tyrannosaurus (unless it’s an Albertasaurus) or the wide-mouth, highly venomous serpent have three eyes, they’re meant to represent, respectively, Saurlord Klizarod Rex (the devil-god worshipped by Saudi Tethys, the stomping Steg Sari from “Feeling Theocidal“) and none other than the Forgettable Fiend (Smiler-Daemonicus).  Both appear in “Hidden Headgames”, the latter more so than the former.

The lava lake has to be the caldera of Sedon’s Peak, filled as it is with molten Brainrock. Anvil the Artificer (Tvasitar Smithmonger, the devic Prometheus) uses it to make devils their power foci, aka Tvasitar Talismans. Its fumes are also good for debraining demons.

3-eyed Ornamental Skull from Tibet, image taken from Web

Tibetan skull with three eyes probably meant to represent Yima, King Death. Used to represent King Harvest (Yama Nergal), the Mithradites’ Grim Reaper who features in all three parts of “Hidden Headgames”

(Good for devils, who take over their subtle matter bodies; bad for the demons. Mind you, being mostly all body and no soul, they aren’t very bright to start with.)

Last heard from in “Goddess Gambit” he returns in “Hidden Headgames”. So does his erstwhile girl friend, the Mirror Mentalist (Klannit Thanatos), who goes on to make such a nuisance of herself in “Decimation Damnation“.

The fancy Tibetan skull with the three eye-holes may well be a representation of Yima, an Asian God of Death. He’ll double, almost precisely, for Yama Nergal, the Mithradites’ Grim Reaper, also known as King Harvest.

In this regard, here’s a quote taken from “Acquiring Nihila”, the third part of “Hidden Headgames”:

“Unlike the unspeakable spooks, who looked uniformly two-eyed anthropomorphic, as if they were once human or humanoid bipedal, Death’s (hooded) skull had a third eye-hole. Presumably he presented as much considerately, just in case the Diver had any doubts about his race. If devils could be considered a race, that is, and not an entirely inhuman life form.”

Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wooden Carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014

Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wood carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014; taken to represent the Dual Entities during happy times

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Unhiding more Heads

As “Hidden Headgames” moves closer to print, have some more interior images, colour to b/w.

Colour version of the Hidden Headgames Interior Cover, prepared by Jim McPherson, 2017

Colour version of the Acquiring Nihila graphic with Hidden Headgames title

Black and white interior cover for Hidden Headgames, prepared by Jim McPherson, 2017

As combination of long-serving graphics on pH-Webworld – Including Tsishah Twilight, Siqueiros’s ‘New Democracy” and three-eyed Pyrame type blowing on globe

The full cover version of the interior  cover featuring the overall “Hidden Headgames” title, as well as the titles for its three constituent story sequences: “The Forgotten Fiend”, “Pyrame’s Progress” and  “Acquiring Nihila”.

The images that went into these graphics have all been used previously on pH-Webworld. Most made up the tentative cover for “Tsishah’s Twilight“, which wasn’t so much abandoned as never got finished.

Current plans remain for a full-length novel of that title, although it won’t come out before “Daemonic Desperation“, the next mini-novel excerpted from the open-ended saga of “Wilderwitch’s Babies“.

Tentative Cover for "Tsishah's Twilight", prepared by Jim McPherson in 2004 using images taken from the web

Tentative Cover for “Tsishah’s Twilight”, prepared by Jim McPherson in 2004 using images taken from the web

Jim McPherson also prepared an alternative poster more so than cover for “Hidden Headgames”. It took out the two heads representing Shahiyeda and her mother, Sorciere (Solace Sunrise become Sundown), from “The Vampire Variations” web-serial.

Variation on Interior Cover for "Hidden Headgames", prepared by Jim McPherson, 2017

Variation on Interior Cover for “Hidden Headgames”, minus the overall title. It adds representations of the fauna, Pusan Wanderlust, and the Female Entity, Miracle Maenad, both of whom feature in Games

Collage made up Icelandic Northern Lights face, Venice's female faun and Mexico City's Mnemosyne stature, prepared by Jim McPherson, 2017

The Miracle Memory figure is from Mexico City’s Bellas Artes Opera House, the female faun was spotted and shot in Venice, 2008, whereas the face in the Northern Lights was shot in Iceland and taken from Web.

They were replaced with a shot reminiscent of Pusan Wanderlust taken in Venice back in 2008 and a relatively recent shot (2016) from outside Mexico City’s Bellas Artes Opera House suggestive of the Female Entity, Phantacea’s Miracle Memory.

The background in both cases were the astonishing Northern Lights Show taken in Iceland that showed up in Fortean Times 327 and formed the basis for a nifty entry in Serendipity and ...

It’s coupled with Verne Andru’s equally nifty Nihila, as taken from the cover of 2012’s “Goddess Gambit” whereas the bare-breasted Nihila figure was spotted and shot inside the aforementioned Bellas Artes opera house in Mexico City.

Page 25 from pH-5, Verne Andrusiek artwork, 1980

First appearance of Freespirit Nihila from Phantacea 5, Verne Andrusiek artwork, 1980

Datong Harmonia, the Unity of Panharmonium, superimposed over Siqueiros's New Democracy, prepared by Jim McPherson, mid-200s

Datong Harmonia, the Unity of Panharmonium, superimposed over Siqueiros’s New Democracy (Nueva Democracia) as photographed in Mexico City’s Bellas Artes Palazio in mid-200s

By the famed muralist, David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974) it’s been representing Datong Harmonia, Freespirit Nihila’s precursor, on pH-Webworld for a number of years. (Nihila herself debuted in 1980’s Phantacea Five, as reprinted in “Phantacea Revisited 2: Cataclysm Catalyst“, artwork by Verne Andrusiek, nowadays Verne Andru.)

The three-eyed woman blowing on the globe was also taken in Mexico City during a stopover there in 2005. It’s highly suggestive of Pyrame Silverstar, a featured character in “Feeling Theocidal“, though she also appeared in “The Death’s Head Hellion“.

Black and white version of the Hidden Headgames interior cover without the title,prepared by Jim McPherson, 2017

Variation of the “Hidden Headgames” interior cover, albeit w/o the title

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Unhiding Graphics

Entry first appeared on pHantacea on pHacebook 17-07-17. So many sevens has to make it a lucky publication, right? Actually I’d be happy if it just sold well.

Double-click on image to take you to the commentary. Might night to belong to Facebook, though.


Here’s another post, from a couple of days before, Just in case you were curious about what publication’s up next.

Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wooden Carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014

Phantacea Publications logo utilizing a Sun-Moon wood carving spotted and shot by Jim McPherson, 2014; taken to represent the Dual Entities during happy times

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Still no sign of Psycho — except on the Simpsons

Well, it worked last time up, so let’s try another …

Haven’t watched anything on Fox, not even football, for decades. Still this really is Psycho. Which is also the name of a Phantacea Mythos character, albeit as a brain in a box, last seen in “Nuclear Dragons“.

Having, thanks to his sister, Aranyani Nightingale, who first appeared nearly forty years ago in Phantacea 1 (September 1977, see back cover shot of Aran and a few others as drawn by Dave Sim way back then) avoided becoming a light snack, he’ll be back in quest of the rest of his body whenever “Destination Damnation” gets published.

“Hidden Headgames” will come out before it, though, later in year.

Seems there isn’t a handy shot of Psycho Saul Ryne from the PHANTACEA comic book series readily available. Remind with a comment below and there soon will be.


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That’s Europa Heliopolis, not the continent or Jupiter’s moon, at least not entirely

Graphic reads "Annuling Nihila", prepared by Jim McPherson

2012 composite graphic prepared by Jim McPherson utilizing artwork for Verne Andru and Pacheco, as spotted and shot in Merida ca 2010. Nihila will be reappearing in “Hidden Headgames” this year (2017)

Lower insert taken from pHantacea on pHacebook using the embed feature. Something of an announcement to note herein. More once “Hidden Headgames” gets nearer to its release date.

In the meantime have another graphic ==> and a different set of lynx connecting the one below.

Freespirit Nihila appears in the sequence promised below, which marks the return of Europa Heliopolis to the Phantacea Mythos after a fifteen to twenty year absence.

Hit here for a couple of mentions of Europa during the “Aspects of Amoebaman” web-serial and here for a 5980 spoiler that may or may not have made it to “Decimation Damnation“.

Something like it will certainly make it to “Hidden Headgames”, however.

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Cathead Coming

Kind of nifty. Like the three eyes. Not so sure about the cat’s head, though there is a Cathead in the Phantacea Mythos, hence why it’s on pHantaBlog.

Goes by the Illuminary given name of Cathune Bubastis. She’s the Apocalyptic of Drought and, yes, she does have three eyes. She’s also the brood sister of Pyrame Silverstar and the devil child Tralalorn, who might actually be a self-determinedly never-aging demon child.

Based on an Egyptian Goddess from the second millennia BC, if not earlier, Drought  has a linchpin role in “The Forgotten Fiend”. (Hit here if you’ve forgotten who he is,) Or does she? Hmm …

Fiend’s a story sequence originally written to lead into “The War of the Apocalyptics“.
It’s one of the three now interlinked ‘preludes’ or extended vignettes that conspired to form “Hidden Headgames”. In its case that’s mostly because it got tired hunkering down inside PHANTACEA computers with nowhere else to go since the early 90s.

BTW, the other two sequences are “Pyrame’s Progress” and “Acquiring Nihila”. The latter’s titular character appeared throughout “Goddess Gambit“. Plus, somewhat less pivotally, showed up ‘bigly’ in “Helios on the Moon“.

The titular character in the former mainly features in “Feeling Theocidal“, where Tralalorn also struts her stuff. And her Chimera.  Pyrame also has fairly significant roles in both “The Death’s Head Hellion” and “Contagion Collectors“.

Headgames is coming in late Spring, early Summer 2017 from Phantacea Publications.

Not sure how well this will work if you’re not also on Facebook, but hit the play button and see for yourself. If it doesn’t click into psychedelic action immediately, the ‘https’ link beneath image should get you to the ‘woo’ animation.


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Don’t be a stranger, Mephistopheles

Actually, now that I think about it, please continue to be a stranger. Oh, and kindly keep your crows to yourself.

Published by CBC News · 27 September at 08:40 ·

Some twenty odd years ago, when Phantacea on the Web (pH-Webworld — began someone calling himself (or herself) Mephistopheles e-mailed to warn against publishing any more stories making fun of devils. He (or she) got the standard reply: ‘Hey, it’s only make-believe.” Whereupon he/or unleashed the crows.

Maybe she/or should have had Phantacea Publications charged under: ‘Section 296 of the Criminal Code of Canada states, “Everyone who publishes a blasphemous libel is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.”‘

Did you know blasphemy is still an offence in Canada? It’s true, and that’s why the B.C. Humanist Association asked Victoria City Council to declare Sept. 30…
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